How Reiki Changed My Life & Awakened Me To My Own Unique Healing Power

`How Reiki Changed My Life & Awakened Me To My Own Unique Healing Power

It’s not very often I talk about my own spiritual madness. I guess it is because my spirituality and self healing work is very private to me and also… if I shared with you the crazy stuff that happens in my own healing space and with clients, you’d probably send me off to the looney bin.

I am an extremely sensitive and open being. I have conquered an extremely challenging start in life and largely this was my awakening, but I definitely did not know this at the time.

I’m not going to get into the deep details, if you’re interested in knowing more about my journey, you can check out my podcast episodes here.

There were many things that helped me recover from anorexia and my crippling anxiety that I legit think I was born with, but one thing that felt sacred and was a divine healing force that awakened my was Reiki.

How reiki came into my life was a real synchronicity. I was working out in Tenerife, in the depths of my illness. I am a skeptic and materialist in that I very much need evidence to know something is real. Even now I get psychic downloads or connect with spirits and legit question everything. At that time, I was really lost and so so unaware.

No joke, a man came up to me and said, ‘You need healing’. He was legit wearing a white floaty outfit and I remember thinking… ‘WTAF… Who is this loser’ BUT something within my being said ‘Yes’.
So that evening, infront of the ocean as the sun set, I allowed this total stranger to give me reiki. It was at that moment, my whole life changed. Everything I was feeling was totally unexplainable, and even my skeptical mind couldn’t believe it and couldn’t really find words (I still can’t find the words) to say what had even happened.

All I know is that from that moment forward, nothing was the same.

When I came home to england, a lady I had met working out in egypt told me she was doing reiki level 1 and that I should do it. And without question, I booked it. Now at the time, I had no money, at all. But I knew that this was an investment that I had to go with in my gut.

The ego fears enlightenment, so it loves to throw up excuses like, I’m not ready, I can’t afford it, Reiki isn’t for me. These are the words of my reiki master, and she was so right. How often do we refuse to spend money on our wellbeing on the tools, course and supplements that we know will benefit us? I know right!

After reiki level 1 the healing transformation was huge. I then went onto level 2 and eventually knew that it was time for me to share reiki master.

9 years later my reiki practice is sacred to me, but the people I work with find it so incredibly powerful. Reiki enables me to help people unlock their own healing powers, me to heal myself and more importantly send healing to the world as a whole. My sacred work is not so much in my outward stuff like my blogs and podcast, it’s really a selfish persuit in that I heal myself and the world so that I don’t have to feel such intense suffering within my energetic body. The more people we awaken and the more we awaken, the less collective suffering takes us all energetcially and the more we can shift the vibration of the world.

I finally recieved guidance from my soul and my guides that it was time for me to initiate people into reiki by sharing courses. I life in flow and magic each day, thanks to reiki & my therapist (who practices integrative holistic psychotherapy).

Reiki is not everyone’s path BUT if something in your being is saying ‘yes’ right now, or you feel a pull or a longing, the chances are that reiki is for you.

You don’t have to train with me, but get out there and open your soul to the right healer and course for you.

However, if you’re feeling like there is something more you are supposed to be doing right now, reiki can be a powerful stepping board on your journey.

I am sharing Reiki level 1 Training on Saturday February the 1st in the West Midlands. There are full details on here.


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