5 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Become Untouchable

5 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Become Untouchable


Admitted, it’s going pretty damn crazy out there right now isn’t it?! I mean, as an empath and healer, I am really really plugged into the energy and super aware of it as it’s something that happens when you’re career is all about energy, astrology and healing. One thing I have noticed is that fear is huge right now and rightly so, I guess.

I mean, we have to remember we are all human and we feel! It’s okay to feel the feels, it’s what makes us unique and special – to have the capacity to really embrace and explore emotions.

However, fear can be a problem because if we run away from it, we can so quickly end up in a place of resistance and panic. This whole corona stuff is a lot to do with pluto and saturn and this big thing all us astrologers have been banging on about lately. But right NOW we are in the pluto crisis state. What does that mean?

Well, pluto bascially brings about crisis in order to show you your shadow so that you can transform it. With the sun in pisces, it’s all about a collective crisis and collective fear and CONTROL. The thing is, pluto can be control and self destruction BUUUUT Pluto can ALSO be empowerment, transformation and true power. If we do not know how to handle fear, we are easy to manipulate and control because we look outside for the answers to fear, rather than within.

Right NOW, this is your challenge – To have the courage to embrace your fear and go within and understand what it means for you. One thing I love to remind my clients is that serenity is not freedom from the storm, but the peace within it. We always have a choice but it’s not always that easy, am I right?

So here’s 5 things you can do today to become a fortress of tranquility and power in equal measure & use it to evolve.

1) Remember that it’s NOT about corona virus and 5g. I repeat… It’s Not about corona virus and 5g. This is part of a bigger energetic shift which requires us to look inwards at our own shadow self through witnessing it in others and being bought up in others. It’s time to step up self care by creating SPACE for yourself mentally, emotionally and phsyically. Slow down & give yourself time to just be and honour the way you’re feeling.

2) Rembmer that YOU ARE GETTING YOUR BIG GIRL PANTS PULLED DOWN BY THE UNIVERSE By The South node of the moon AND saturn. They’re saying… Let’s see who you are when we rip away all illusion and totally mess up the status quo. The best thing here is to allow, allow, allow then have the courage to let go of what you cannot control. Say the mantra ‘In this moment, I let go of what I cannot control’

3) Put yourself first…. yep, I said it. This is about YOU today. Make moves towards more rest and relaxation, nature and calming and cooling foods. Think about the enrgy right now as a whirlwind of crazy. Foods and behaviours that are on the whirlwind, crazy spectrum i.e caffeine, spicy, sugary foods will probably not be balancing so it’s a wise and loving choice to choose the opposite. See if you can try calming, demulcent and cooling foods and activities such as yoga, walking and meditation and foods like oats, root veggies and healthy oils.

4) Bolster your immunity with supplementation from bioavailable sources. The multivitamins and junk from tesco are NOT going to help you right now as they’re poor quality and not really very absorbable. I use Lifelong vitality supplement to cover all of my basis’ and make sure I have all the essential vitamins and minerals within me. You cannot buy this over the counter, but you can get it through myself to save a substantial amount of money, so contact me if you want this game changer supp.
Also try immunovites by cytoplan, reiki & chaga mushroom and my personal fave, propolis.
An absolute essential for me is doterra on guard essential oil, which is an incredible protective blend, clinically proven to defend against things like MRSA and influenza. It has many other benefits. You can save money by ordering through me, so get in touch if you want me to send you a bottle.

5) Meditate so that you can be a powerful healing force both for yourself and loved ones. I have powerful healing meditation on my podcast for FREE that you can use to tap into your own innate healing energy. It’s called ‘Healing Nectar of Bliss’ and if you scroll down you will see it.
Alternatively, you an book in reiki healing with a reiki healer who resonates. Reiki is a powerful healing modality and has many benefits, the main one is deep relaxation and healing. I work with clients all over the world to work on their bioenergy field and with multiple treatments, reiki has incredible benefits. So many clients have one a month for general wellbeing but if you’re feeling particularly run down, it’s a great idea to book a course because the more you have reiki, the more powerful it becomes.

So the choice is yours my love, get your pants ripped down over and over again OR choose to find your calm and courage and defy the evidence you see right now in humanity because YOU and MORE THAN THE SUM OF THE your emotions and YOU have the POWER to change the future by releasing fear and choosing LOVE

If you are feeling like you want a deeper level of support in order to really start transforming today, you can work with me 1-2-1 or book a personalised reading here.
The question I have for you is: what are you going to do out of these 5 today to put yourself in first place and step into self love?


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