Can We Please Stop Nutrition Shaming? Opening Up The Conversation on Food Politics, Lifestyle Shaming & Moral Highgrounds


This is such a difficult topic & I know it is something I have personally experienced but also many women I work with have found themselves time and time again in situations of conflict over their own instinctual health and ethics versus the ethos of others.

I really feel like these days, the way we eat in particular, is as sensitive a subject as what political party you are in, but I’m not even sure why. I simply offer my perspective to open up the conversation about why is it that we have to tread on egg shells about our food beliefs these days.

I guess now, more than ever, our food and many other things are all caught up in a whole mass consumerism thing where everything we intake is being produced on a mass global scale. At this stage in the massive scheme of things and how we currently structure food and nutrition as a business globally, is it possible for us to separate food and politics? Is it possible that we can start to understand people rather than try to say there is one food truth? Can we be as kind and compassionate with ourselves and others as we can to mother earth?

This is something I don’t know any answers too, but I know first hand how it has made me feel, and by no means am I playing the victim, but I simply wonder, why is it so volatile to discuss our nutrition choices, why does it define us a good/bad and what does it mean to really be non violent and conscious in a 21st century world? I have absolutely NO IDEA!!!

So this podcast is my attempt really at seeing if we can open up the discussion along with our hearts and try to see all sides of the coin. I know it’s really not that easy for me!!!


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