Top Tips For Empaths & Lightworkers in 2020

Top Tips For Empaths & Lightworkers in 2020

So many people are considered empaths these days & if you’re reading this blog post it is likely that you consider yourself an empath or a lightworker. Either way, we are all going through a huge energetic alchemical transmutation in 2020. We have been going through this change more intensely since 2019, but it’s really beginning to speed up now.

As an astrologer, I see the energetic shifts through the medium of astrology, but even if we do not identify with astrology itself, we can all be very aware that there is a huge culmination point happening right now.

With empaths and highly sensitive people, what tends to hapeen is that everything is felt within the body and emotionally first then the intellectualisation of these sensations happens second. It can mean that without acute and keen listening inwards, we can often miss the subtleties of our bodily sensations and feel like we are going mad.

Many folk have felt a heightening of their sensitivities over the pluto saturn conjunction, especially as saturn rules the 3D and body, especially skin, bones and hair. I have noticed many people getting some health flare ups particularly the skin and bone pains. Our opportunity here is to connect with our physical manifestations, in whatever shape or form, to ascertain what they mean for us and possible healing or integration that can happen, should we want to do that.

With that being said, I work with lightworkers and empaths to give them practices and techniques to keep well in our wiggly modern world and here are my top 10 tips for navigating the world as a sensitive human.

  1. Undertake psychotherapy/therapy that resonates with you – Many of us who work in healing professions such as yoga, meditation and reiki can benefit from a continuous journey of self discovery. The capacity in which we can hold space for others with unconditional acceptance and love is only as much as we can do this for ourselves. Having a qualification in any healing modality makes us even more accountable for ourselves because we are going to be holding space for others and this is something where we must be able to see ourselves too. The best healers I have had the privaledge of working with show vulnerability, humility, integrity and perseverence to self growth all in equal measure.

  2. Paint a protection bubble around yourself – Each day use an invisible bubble of protection around yourself. I do an electric blue grounding circle and ask it to activate, it’s super fun! You can also use reiki. symbols or ask angels to protect you, it really depends on your own likes and dislikes

  3. Simple breathing techniques – I use a variation of many techniques with empaths I work with. One of my favourite is so simple. Breathe in self love and protection, breathe out and imagine self love and protection flooding the whole body.

  4. Practice Trauma Release Exercise – This is so powerful and something I practice daily. It is based on the studies of Dr Peter Levine and releasing trauma from the Autonomic Nervous System. It’s super powerful and I share this with my 121 clients, but you can always book a 1 off session and I can share it with you.

  5. Discern triggers – Understand what things trigger you and make you feel uncomfortable. There is a fine line between building resilience and abandoning yourself, and as an empath this can change month to month based on where you are in your own self. Something that can help you quickly choose what’s right for you is asking the questions “what would someone who loves themself do?”

  6. Choose love over fear – Although it is easy to lose faith and love in a world which appears as though it is very malefic, we can remember that everytime things are being destabilised, it is infact part of the process to rebuiding. When we hold on tightly to what we knew out of fear, we can end up causing so much struggle. It’s hard but when we do let go of the old with the faith that the new will help us transform into something even better, we truly honour our trust in something higher than ourselves. Talking with our fear is a powerful way we can stop fearing the fear, and instead, understand it as an old friend and dear friend who has come to keep us safe. Fear simply needs hearing, integrating and to be held. Witnessing our fear with non-judgement, understanding and love is a noble and beautiful act.

  7. Practice Emotional Freedom Technique – This is another powerful technique I use with clients, I would highly recommend learning it! It’s so good!

  8. Detoxify with water – Take baths, walk near the ocean or lakes and drink more water. You can programme water with love, this is a powerful act but can really help us. If you think this is woowoo check out Dr Masuru Emoto’s Messages from Water. Here he shows us how vibration affects our cells and such, so we can positively affect ourselves with loving water.

  9. Set boundaries – I love a good boundary. It is okay to be honest and explain to someone why you need to set a boundary. Boundaries are the distance where you can simultaneously love you and love someone else too. These can be scary at first to communicate, but the people who truly value you will understand and likely do their best to honour both you, them and the boundary.

  10. Use Mantras – I like to put goddess tara chants on, chant mantras when I run and generally be a hippy wierdo with mantra! But mantra is a powerful cleansing tool and I think for many people it can be a great way to focus our energy and vibrationally shift ourselves into a good place!

  11. Establish a physical practice daily such as yoga, walking, swimming or something else! Coming into the body helps process a lot of stuff

  12. Meditate and journal

  13. Take time for self care in whatever form you like. I advise clients to make a self care menu, this is such a powerful act and it helps us have a selection when we are tired to pick whatever feels best.

  14. Remember that you are human. It is very easy to get lost in the spiritual stuff but we are human in a human body with human needs. To honour our human bodies is a very spiritual act in itself and I truly believe that when we honour our human body, this is when I have seen dramatic shifts in people’s consciousness, because they are accepting their vessel as a spiritual tool, rather than trying to escape or neglect the human experience. Community, food, trust, relationships, friends, shelter are all important factors in feeling content and secure.

  15. Use essential oils – I use many of my doTERRA oils to help me out. I love these oils and this is why I share them with my clients, because they are so powerful!

  16. Use mushrooms – I use mushroom elixirs from four sigmatic to help me with soothing my adrenals and such. They are also a game changer. Yay.

If you are an empath or lightworker, share with me what you love to do to feel well!!


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