Why Have We Chosen To Incarnate onto Earth Right Now??


Hello amazing earth warrior!

A bird pood on my head today when I decided I should write this post. I took this as a good omen, and also a huge laugh from the universe! My car has broken down so I have to slow down. All good earthly saturn return fun!!

If you are reading this blog post, then the chances are you are meant to be here. Something within you has whispered with conviction that you have incarnated right now for a specific reason, even if you feel as if your life is falling to shit and the world has no hope… you are here to bear light and help shepherd earth into the golden age.

In Shamanic astrological culture, there is a belief that we here on Gaia are going through a huge ending of a 26,000 year cycle and moving into a new one. The shamanic belief is that if you have incarnated into human form right now, then you are here to be part of the great beginning of the Golden Age. Prepare for LIT life!

Currently, we are heading through a huge pivotal point in this realm. Source is quite literally being reborn. Humanity are part of source, and thus, we too are all going through this on a collective level.

Shamanic astrology is concerned mainly with archetypes, but in truth, archetypes (known as gods/goddesses) have stood the test of time, quite simply because they embody unconscious energies we all inherently understand that are hard to define otherwise. Carl Jung defines archetypes as universal, archaic patterns and images that derive from the collective unconscious and are the psychic counterpart of instinct. They are inherited potentials which are actualized when they enter consciousness as images or manifest in behavior on interaction with the outside world.

The archetypes that are being brought to light in the collective and on a personal right now are those of pluto, saturn and ketu. Pluto is transformation, collective unconscious shadow, shadow self, destruction, transmutation, power (including misuse of) and evolution. Saturn is fear, restriction, courage, truth, structure, heirarchy, patriarchal rule, foundations. South node is past lives, karma, disillusionment.
These are simply key words that trigger an inner awareness of these planetary archetypes but are not the totality of their energies. Each person has a unique essence of how these planerary energies feels, and that’s for them to experience on their own.

This current eclipse series is part of a bigger picture where we are purging and moving away from many many lifetimes of stagnant energies. You can read more about it on my blog post here.

Essentially, all astrologers keep talking about the ending of cycles, and this is the truth but it doesn’t make it easier when many of us are standing in the face of adversity and feeling the biggest challenges of our lifetimes, or certainly have in the last 10 years.

We are being invited into a deeper awakenening beyond fear and physical limitations at the moment. There are so many ways in which we can fall into fear, complacency and victimhood. It will happen from time to time and it’s not for us to even resist those emotions moving through our being.

The more we try to hold on at this time, the more destruction we will experience. This is because pluto and south node teach us where we have no power, where if we try to hold on we will only experience more loss. Everything is speeding up fast and faster and one lifetime at the end of this 26000 year cycle is cramming in so much for us to evolve, integrate and transcend.

Whilst all this esoteric spiritual talk is interesting, it can pail in comparison to the actual reality that many of us are facing so I am a huge advocate of doing the very real human things to assist. The biggest one that I personally advocate is working with a coach, shamanic healer, healer or therapist (anyone who works on integrating unconscious shadow aspects).

Although the stigma on therapy is lifting, many of us feel that we don’t have the finance for therapy, have the time or that we simply do not need it. I invite you to explore that belief. In the belief that therapy ‘is not for you’ may hold a lot of your limitations and blockages that stop you from stepping into excellence. When we truly value our own being, we understand that therapists and coaches are investments in our soul and our expansion and therefore our life. The more we are expansive, whole and at peace, the more we can extend this to humanity. The more we help ourselves, the more we help others.

To help one’s self is a selfish & unselfish quest in that if we ALL help ourselves more, we will alleviate our own suffering. Second to this, we will then help the suffering of others through our own internal vibratonal shift. How many people do you know who consistently help others and put themselves last? (I was guilty too!!) Why? What is it that moving your awareness outside of yourself gives you? What’s stopping you from shifting your focus inwards and letting go of the outer?

These are all interesting question that only we can explore, relative to our own belief systems. I invite you to explore why it is you are still resisting going inwards to start creating a new reality for yourself and those you love. We all do it. Me included. It is a constant process of investment of self which feels so against where the tide is pulling us. The tide is the shadow and it’s part of the distraction.

The great golden age awaits us all, but it’s upto us to create it, step into it and embrace that life CAN be amazing and wonderful, both individually and collectively.

An astrology reading can provide valuable insight into your soul’s work in this incarnation, I’d highly recommend my karmic reading. I love sharing astrology as a powerful tool to helping you step forward in dignity and ease.


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