How to Actually Clear Your Karma to Transform Your Life Story, Get What You Want & Regain Your Power 


How to Actually Clear Your Karma to Transform Your Life Story, Finally Get What You Want & Regain Your Power 

If you literally feel like life constantly gives you struggles, delays, difficulty and limitation then goddess, this article is for you. 

See the thing is, karma is really not personal and neither is the universal flow of life. I don’t mean to diminish any struggles or hardships you have faced or are facing, but simply to gently remind you that universe is constantly presenting us with opportunities to stay in suffering through resistance to change or to evolve. 

Now I am a heavy taurus, Capricorn, scorpio, Aries chick & quite frankly, change to me can be great in some things and in others it kept me trapped in a life that didn’t reflect my true desires and really felt like it is a constant struggle, every single day. I starved myself, I overtrained, I had no money like EVER, I was bitter that I had to work SO HARD for my time that was undervalued, I had ill health, I suddenly gained shit loads of weight when my metabolism plummeted, I starved myself again, I overworked, I overhelped others, I put myself last, I had shit self esteem and my love life kept following the exact same trajectory… there was a LOT of childhood crap, inherited family values, societal conditioning, trauma and so much more that literally kept me trapped and I didn’t know how the hell I would ever actually start living again. Hell, I didn’t even believe that it was possible for me to live again. And to have money and a partner who loves me and values me? NOPE.

One day I started getting really into my astrology, like… really. Alongside my psychotherapy, I really felt there was still something missing. Reiki, yoga, meditation and therapy helped but there was something still that I needed to see logically, in black and white, as to why I was in the situation I was. I’m actually really left brained in my human design, I have a scientific mind, and so, I wanted to see objectively, what the frikkin’ deal was. 

As I have developed into an astrologer, I have spent countless hours working with understanding saturn, but one of the books I read opened up EVERYTHING for me. It is one of the techniques I use with my 1-2-1 spiritual coaching clients, because I noticed that no matter what the limitation was that they were working with, it could be remedied and even disappear working on their karma according to their saturn placement. 

In my own life, it has been incredible and really life changing and the more I work on it, the more my life improves. It is such a simple technique in theory but the work can take a little guidance and encouragement for many. 

Saturn represents many things in astrology and sadly, we just cannot ignore it, I am afraid. If you’ve been following my many blog posts and podcasts, you’ll know right now is a critical life changing time for many. So I’m not going to go in deep on saturn again, you can check out my other blog posts to get the DL on that. For now, just think about saturn representing the karma that we need to clear to create energetic space in order to actually welcome in something different.

Again, saturn is not personal, it’s simply an energetic experience from the universe/god/source that asks you to release ignorance and fear. 

So depending where saturn is in your chart, you can see what area of life you can clear your karma directly in order to change your life experience in real time. I must preface by saying, everyone is totally unique and individual. That is, your karmic clearing is totally unique to you and if you feel like you want to get serious and concrete about the real life changes you can make, then book in with a professional astrologer who you resonate with. I offer services such as personal readings or spiritual coaching, where we work directly at the root cause of issues in order to help you transform and actually feel like you are a power player in your life rather than a victim. 

So, you need to know where your saturn is, natally. This is found on calculator and look for the saturn gliph & where it sits (which pizza slice in your chart). If you’re stuck, please check out my blog post here where I break this down further. 

Pizza slice 1 is the 1st house. Pizza slice 4 is the 4th house. For those more advanced, this works both for placidus and whole sign (I have personally found it in both… meaning I have so much karma it’s jokes!)

So because saturn aspects 3rd, 7th & 10th from itself these houses of your chart will all have karma around them for your to clear. 

Saturn in the 1st House
This is about releasing ignorance to do with your physical body, self care, self esteem and self love. It is also aspecting 4th house, where we must make sure we take care of our mothers, even if the relationship is strained! There is karma around family roots and ancestral lineage which can be cleared (4th house) and sometimes even property. It is aspecting also the 7th house of relationships with others, such as the marriage partner so this may come with some duty or responsibility to them where you may find yourself caring for them in some way or you can attract someone with a saturn quality such as coldness and depression that means you have to work a little deeper there. 

Saturn in the 2nd House

With saturn in the 2nd, you must work to release poverty mindset, scarcity mindset, starvation mindset and low self esteem. Releasing family beliefs around money, beliefs around riches and wealth & even giving to those without wealth and riches such as homeless people to help boost their self esteem can really help you to actually relieve your karma and welcome in abundance. Working with a coach on abundance issues is fundamental here, and can be so powerful. This will also aspect the 5th house, so children, romantic relationships and ‘fun’ can often feel like something others have but you don’t. Releasing limitations about romance, fun and luck are all things you can work on here with a coach also. Sometimes the children bring a lot of struggle and karma so we have to avoid complaining and use this as a way to gain consciousness. From here saturn aspects also the 8th house. Being aware of inheritance, other people’s money, limitations around sex, debts, taxes etc all must be addressed. If these uncomfortable issues are ignored, things simply get worse with saturn. 

Saturn in the 3rd House 

Saturn in the 3rd house brings about a sort of imposter syndrome, lots of knowledge and need to constantly learn more but not feeling that we can share and teach it. Saturn asks us to share and teach it, this is imperative in order for us to evolve and grow and pay off our karma. For example, you learn about astrology, you should share and teach it to help others, less fortunate than you (6th house aspect). You will have karma around siblings and should take care to look after them, help them, teach them, accept them unconditionally and work on that relationship, regardless of the circumstance. Which is a lot easier said than done!!! 6th house issues and 9th house issues must be taken into consideration also. Health, daily routines, diet and hard work are all required with this placement, in a way that actually serves people less fortunate than you. You could get a spiritual mentor, learn astrology, tarot, reiki, write a book, travel overseas to other cultures and share helpful content on the internet (9th/4rd/6th house). This can all greatly help your karma to clear. You may have karma around the father, which must be processed, regardless of your relationship, forgiveness through integrating trauma is key here.

Saturn in the 4th house

You have a duty to always care for and keep strong relationships with family. With family troubles and squabbles, you still have to try to accept and forgive family, no matter what. Especially the mother, who you must take care of. This is the 4th house way to clear karma. In addition there will be a duty to marriage partner and close relationships where you need to work hard and commit to a long term partner who may be less fortunate than you in some way. 10th house aspect means that you cannot avoid legacy, public image and career, and must take what you learn from the troubles of family or life before 25 and share it outwardly the world to benefit others. This will bring you success and legacy and bless you. 

Saturn in the 5th house

The 5th house saturn placement is karma around children, romantic relationships before marriage,  luck and general fun. Here you must release any limitations around your own childhood, inner child integration is key, accepting the duties of parenthood or any burdens of your children and also accepting a rocky love life before marriage. In addition, there will be some troubles around sex, debts, taxes, family diseases, family money and the marriage partner’s money that cannot be avoided and can be face head-on with courage. With 5th house saturn it can feel that monetary gains through the career can be somewhat burdened (11th house) or also friendships come with duty and responsibility. This is simply your karma, so really invest in friends, children and spouse’s needs and family inherited belief systems because moving beyond them can free up your karma. 

Saturn in the 6th house

You must focus on healthy routines, working hard to help those less fortunate than you and you might even end up with a naughty, troublesome pet. If this happens you have to stick it out with the pet, work on  helping other’s who need you, perhaps in a spiritual way (12th house) such as in hospitals, hospices, prisons or with meditation techniques. You also must be conscious to develop understanding of spiritual concepts (especially because you are likely not to believe in them!) In order to actually change your reality. Perhaps invest in travel overseas, explore other cultures and go deep into other systems of belief. You might feel that to get overseas is really hard for you, so a remedy to alleviate this is to focus on those 6th house/12th house things. You may have karma around the father, which must be processed, regardless of your relationship, forgiveness through integrating trauma is key here. 

Saturn in the 7th house

It’s likely here there is burden, depression, duty and limitation around marriage partners and anything legal. It will require you to care and take on responsibilities of marriage in order to clear your karma. Focus also on public image, career and legacy (10th house) and do not shy away from creating a powerful legacy. Work on the physical body health, self image and ensure that you work on the health of the bones, skin, nails and teeth. 

Saturn in the 8th house

Here there can be a lot of difficult experiences in life, particularly around inherited family trauma, sexual trauma, addiction, compulsion and obsession. The karma here is to seek psychotherapy and spiritual transformation. There may be problems around finances and other people’s finances and often, low self esteem and disordered eating. These must be faced head on and cannot be avoided, there needs to be dedicated daily efforts in order to alleviate these things. Meditation is a really powerful tool here and these people often find themselves forced into 12th house institutions such as rehab, hospital, prison and so on, if they do not directly deal with the root cause issues, usually with a spiritual mentor or psychotherapist

Saturn in the 9th house
Well, these people are sometimes unlikely to read this, because they’ve got saturn in 9th house, HA! You may have karma around the father, which must be processed, regardless of your relationship, forgiveness through integrating trauma is key here. Also, studying esoteric things such as spirituality, travelling to other cultures, reiki, teaching and astrology are all critical things to investigate rather than ignore here. In addition, teaching others via social media and books is integral. Karma and duty to siblings is often a feature. Accepting siblings and working on relationships with them is key. 

Saturn in the 10th House

Here there is a real duty to create a public image, career and legacy which is completely independent from the roots of the family. You have a responsibility to overcome family karma (4th house) and especially to work on the relationship with the mother figure. Working on the mother wound is a great way to shift karma. Even though the mother could have been difficult, it is essential to transform karma there. 

Saturn in the 11th house

Often gains through the career can be blocked and sometimes you feel very unlucky with friendships, children, romantic relationships and just generally luck. The remedy here is to focus on being dutiful and responsible towards friends and towards children. 

Saturn in the 12th house

Here one must realise their true power to transform their mind and feel truly integrated and at peace is through meditation, retreats, service to those less fortunate than them and not avoiding the unconscious, detrimental thought patterns. These people tend to feel outcast and depressed. It is important that they understand peace and wholeness through surrendering to the unknown, working with a therapist, meditating and creating stable, nurturing health daily routines. 

This is a rough guide to clearing your karma but if you feel you want more, a simple step you can take is to book an astrology reading with me. My astrology addresses the root causes of why we can feel stuck and often, powerless and what we can do to really transform and change our lives. Astrology is a science that never fails and is a useful ally when used in a conscious and meaningful way.

Have you felt this resonate in anyway? Do you have any other karma clearing techniques? Please comment below and let me know!

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