In Depth Astrology Reading

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In Depth Astrology Reading


What if I told you there was a map of your soul & life that held the hidden keys to unlocking your truth & hidden potential? There is, it’s called astrology!
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Do you ever wonder what your soul purpose actually is & what will make your heart truly sing?

Are you experiencing a time in your life where you simply don’t know what to do next or what the right thing to do is?

Do you ever wonder who you’re meant to be with and when they will actually arrive in your life?

Do you ever wonder where you’re meant to live in order to thrive?

Do you want someone to help you see how you’re meant to unlock your potential and move through the world to reach your goals and dreams?

Are you craving abundance and ease in your life but have no idea what’s blocking it or how to actually turn on your money magnetism?

What if instead of wondering and questioning about it – we could look at a map of your soul and give you those answers?

There is a map of your soul, it’s called ASTROLOGY. There’s a reason that this amazing ancient science has stood the test of time & why billionaires use it.

I’m not talking about the stuff you read in magazines, I mean your unique birth chart! Nooobody else has the same chart as YOU!

Astrology literally changed my life when I was living in a terrible place of limitation, stuck in my life, had nooo idea of my gifts, my purpose, low self worth, disordered eating and addictive behaviours. It confirmed that I a) wasn’t crazy & b) had soooo much potential & c) all of this was meant to be!

I felt like I wasn’t living and when I found astrology, everything changed and I finally knew practical steps about how to take my power back & make it happen!

Astrology is a map of your soul! It is a an ancient, accurate science that is designed to unearth the true magic and potential of you. Astrology answers where your soul has opportunity to grow and gain power, become the conscious creator of your own life and where you can take practical steps to transform into your authentic, divine & magnificent self.

My approach is down to earth, uplifting and gives you real life tools to actually transform your life so that you can start living in your truth, awaken your deepest potential and get in alignment with your unique soul’s purpose.

Isn’t it time that you stopped questioning yourself? This is the sign you are looking for!

If you can feel something in your body right now telling you to dive into your astrology, follow it!

This is your invitation to invest in YOU, queen!!!

How the session runs:
You book the session via this payment link
Within 48 hours I contact you and send you my calender link
You send over your questions, areas of interest
I study your chart for 3-4 hours before our reading
We meet via zoom and the meeting is recorded for you to keep forever

Please note : The investment for this reading includes the time it takes for me to prepare and takes into account my many years of study and experience.


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