No BS Astrology School

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No BS Astrology School


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  • Have you been looking for a comprehensive & practical astrology course that will enable you to read astrology charts in much more depth?
  • Do you spend too much time googling astrology and feel like you don’t actually learn to read charts any better?
  • Do you find the astrology chart overwhelming like you’ll never know what to focus on first to dive deep into it and pull out the useful information?
  • Have you finished astrology basics and are hungry for more knowledge and a deeper skillset to read ?
  • Have you discovered the astrology rabbit hole and want more?

If you’re looking for a simple, to the point astrology learning experience, then this I created this course for you. This is my signature group course, but in DIY form so you can go at your own pace and learn the magic behind your astrology chart, and others!

I wasted a LOT of time trying to learn astrology from various sources, random courses and webinars and generally googled till my fingers dropped off and never felt like I could read a chart any better.

If only I had found a simple course like this which was interactive, intimate and with a group of conscious like minded souls, I would literally have saved hours of my learning journey.

Astrology does not have to be complicated, at all.

It can be made super simple and really practical. In fact, It helped me navigate my way through building a high performing business, how to heal from my infertility and autoimmune and how to change my relationships through inner healing. It changed my life and continues to be my favourite tool as a conscious, GROWTH minded entrepreneur and mama.

I know you crave those kind of tools, as well! But I’m super pumped because I created this 6 part immersive astrology course for YOU.

This course cuts out the BS and gets right to the point of what you need to read a chart well so you can step towards reading full time 🙂

“I have just finished the no BS astrology course with Cassie. WOW. I have always loved astrology and had a natural ‘gift’ with it. Been really really drawn to it but never fully taken the time to understand it. I have always wanted to use it with clients (and everyone I know haha) but not been able to. This course is SO informative. ”

Cassie is absolutely brilliant at explaining everything and you get the recordings so you can watch them back, which you will need too / want too, as there’s so much information to take in. I can say after only 6 weeks I would be able to read a chart in great detail. Thank you so much Cassie! Xx”


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August 2021


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