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Soul Gym Membership

EVERYTHING in your life; your bank balance, relationships, career & business are all a reflection of YOUR VIBRATION and internal state. For you to get the best out of life, you first have to get the best out of YOU and work on your INNER world.

Not sure if you know this, BUT without your soul being in alignment with your TRUE purpose and with the stains of the past negatively still imprinted on your unconscious, your inner peace, your growth, success and manifestation powers are limited!

In my own journey from broke, anorexic & sick to abundant & vibrant in an amazing life I couldn never dream of. What felt so challenging along the way was that I could never find a place that I felt really gave me all the tools AND the community to blossom into my best self. I know what it feels like to be rapidly expanding your consciousness, changing in every aspect of your being but feeling like you are literally the biggest wierdo ever and nobody around you ‘gets’ it.

You are totally capable of changing your life, but you can waste a lot of time trying to do it on your own. Imagine if there was a membership that gave you all the tools to access the greatest mentor and teacher you’ll ever need – your higher self. Well, now there is!

I have worked with hundreds of clients all over the world 121 with astrology, integrative healing & self development tools. I have helped them to access their inner gurus, watched them grow and become their most magnificent selves.

I’ll be honest I don’t know EXACTLY what it takes for YOU personally in your unique being to evolve to your absolute best, BUT I DO KNOW the tools to get you there.

Plus, the ENVIRONMENT you are in is like the soil for your growth; having a community of high vibin’ women all on the path to their highest potential is only going to benefit you.

With the right tools, the right knowledge, the right environment and the right community around you &  you can truly be supported the absolute best that you can be. And let’s face it, you deserve that and so does the world!

This is EXACTLY WHY I created my Soul Gym Membership for you.

So what do you get?

Soul Gym Membership Benefits

I worked out that this is all worth over $900 but the investment for Soul Gym is $34 per month (btw, you can cancel anytime)


VIP $79 per month include all the above PLUS 1 personal distance healing & card pull per month.

I am only opening up 25 spaces and then the doors will close until July, so this is really. I KNOW you want to be your most magnificent self ASAP and that you’re beyond ready to connect with your tribe. Your seat in the circle awaits…

* May’s circle led by Debbie Womb Healing and Divine Feminine Expert

** When bookings open up in August

Choose your Soul Gym Membership tier:

Rose Quartz Goddess

basic membership
£ 25 Monthly ($34 p/m)
  • Unlimited access to member benefits
  • New & exclusive goodies added regularly!

Amethyst Goddess

VIP membership
£ 59 Monthly ($79 p/m)
  • Inlcudes all the member benefits PLUS
  • 1 personal distance healing & card pull per month!

 So if you want to join Soul Gym, click here to guarantee your spot.

When you sign up, you receive April’s indepth astrology forecast & April’s electional Astrology guide wthin 24 hours!

OFFICIAL OPENING CIRCLE  is 10th April and the exclusive membership portal opens on 13th April 2021 (the best astrological date!)

Coming to Soul Gym in Summer 2021

  • Tantra Yoga Nidra Course for Deep Healing & Expanding Consciousness
  • Seasonal Yoga Bundle
  • Womb Healing Course
  • Monthly focused meditations
  • Unlocking your abundance course
  • Learn Astrological Magic Course

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