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Learn the basics

of using astrology in your life!

Astrology does NOT need to be complicated. I remember thinking WTF when I read my astrology chart for the first time. Wondering how on earth I could decode the magic and meaning in my chart. I felt like just gathering random information off YouTube and the internet did not help, and honestly, everyone was saying something different. Which made it even MORE CONFUSING!!!

Imagine what it would be like to STOP WONDERING about your astrology chart & all the wisdom it holds and just KNOW?

Your astrology chart holds all the answers, and you can learn the skills to read it so that you aren’t reliant on an astrologer or dreaded google searches trying to put the pieces together… YOU WILL HOLD THE KEY!

I realise that you might not want to become the next Nostradamus but I know you also want to learn something. Perhaps astrology school feels too much of a commitment, it’s seeming a little out of reach both time wise and especially if you don’t know much astrology.

This is the exact reason I put together my Astrology Basics DIY Course. I only WISH I had this available to me when I started out.

It’s a no fuss, easy to follow and go at your own pace course which gives you all the tools you need to read your chart well enough to start seriously stepping into your soul’s purpose and alignment & fast!

If you’re a total beginner to astrology, want to learn about how to read your chart and what it means or you’re an entrepreneur looking to maximise your natural gifts, talents and energy, then THIS is the course for you.
This is NOT the course for you if you know quite a bit of astrology, want something interactive and want to be immersed in a community. If you’d rather live lessons & a community head to my Soul Gym Membership(where you can access this course) or if you want to learn even more in depth astrology in a live setting then check out my NO BS Astrology School

In this Astrology Basics Course

You will learn:

This will consist of :

Isn’t it time you stopped googling your chart, wondering about why you’re hear and instead just started LEARNING & LIVING your astrology?