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why astrology?

Astrology literally changed my life when I was living in a terrible place of limitation, low self worth, no money in my bank EVER, disordered eating, terrible relationships and extremely addictive behaviours. I felt like I wasn’t even living nor saw any joy or point in existing anymore but when I found astrology as part of my self growth journey it was like a magic key and everything changed and I finally knew practical steps about how to take my power back, what my roadmap to a better life was and the TRUTH about me and my purpose!

Now I have vibrant health, a beautiful baby on the way, a 6 figure biz working only 3 days a week, a gorgeous amazing partner who I legit manifested and live a life I can only dream of. I used astrology alongside many other practices but I know that if I can do it, then you can too.

This is why I help so many women each day to take back their lives and become the sovereign Queen in their own lives and step into their soul’s true calling.

Astrology is like looking at a nude for your soul! It is an ancient, accurate science that is designed to unearth the true magic and potential of your soul. Astrology answers where your soul has opportunity to grow and gain power, unlock your abundance, become the conscious creator of your own life and where you can take practical steps to transform into your authentic, divine & magnificent self.

My approach is down to earth, uplifting and gives you real life tools to actually transform your life so that you can start living in your power, awakening your potential and in alignment with your unique soul’s purpose.

I can’t wait to support you!

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Astrology Courses

Learn to read and understand astrology easily with my basic and in-depth astrology courses

Astrology for Entrepreneurs

Exclusively for High Level Entrepreneurs! Check out my Astrology Deep Dive Instensive coaching sessions

Astrology Webinars

Gain insight, deeper self awareness and discover your hidden gifts with my Astrology masterclass' & webinars

free resources & wisdom

Access FREE resources for astrology, spiritual development & self discovery

soul gym montly membership

My exclusive monthly membership with a catalogue soul nourishing for your soul, a high vibin' commuity & all the tools you need to be your most magnificent self yet

modern goddess podcast

Connect with me & get astrology forecasts on my weekly Modern Goddess podcast!

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