Game Changer Dialogue for Healing, Manifesting Effortlessly & Massive Self Love

Game Changer Dialogue for Healing, Manifesting Effortlessly & Massive Self Love

I have been guilty of saying this in my life, many a time, however, I really feel many of us are making our live a lot harder than they need to me. Something that is being thrown around the spiritual & self help world at the moment which has bought up a lot of dis-ease within me is the phrase, ‘Do the WORK’.

Now, you all know I am a huge advocate for actively participating in the game called life, indulging in it’s many energies and challenges in order to grow to our fullest evolvement. HOWEVER, what I have started to notice a lot in the self help field is that many of us are still approaching healing in a very forceful & yang way. I DEFINITELY did this at the beginning of my journey. And arguably, in comparison to where we have been in the self help, spiritual, yoga world we have definitely moved forward into understanding that integration of emotions, feelings, softness (Feminine/yin) are imperative if we are to heal in a complete and full way. Although comparison to where we were in the past is useful, it also can keep us stuck from an even deeper and comprehensive journey to growth.

I want to preface this article with understanding that the words we use are soooo important. Dr Masaru Emoto’s ‘Messages From Water’ is a game changer. It shows the vibrational impact of sound vibration, what we say, feel, think on the cells of water. I will keep this really simple for now, words like ‘love’ ‘joy’ ‘forgive’ all purify and create divinely geometrical water structures, whilst words like ‘hate’ and death metal music all destroy these same crystalline structures. In our body, our thoughts, words, emotions and beliefs also have this effect.

Very often, we celebrate our growth so far (rightly so) but if we become complacent again through too much celebration and inaction then we might get in another non-serving cycle. However, there is a very interesting energy and societal, partiarchal energetic signature attached to the word ‘WORK’. I definitely feel there needs to be a balance of masculine and feminine, abso-friggin-lutely. In fact, if there wasn’t any agni (fire) energy in our healing journey, we could infact stay stuck to our circumstances. However, fire, action and movement are not always the same as ‘the work’.

Take a moment to allow the word ‘work’ to really sink in. The energetics of this word are not particularly pleasant. It’s the same feel as ‘busy’. ‘Busy’ and ‘full’ imply the same thing, but in reflection, they definitely have two different energies. One feels like a rat face, one feels satisfactory and complete.

So when we talk about the healing journey, many many people are guilty (me included) of feeling like it’s really hard work. There is a matrix like spiritual ego attaching to many so called spiritual people who are claiming they have some special powers, that they ‘do the work’, that they are living only in the light or that the shadow hunting never ends.

Now, I am a scorpio, so archetypally, I LOVE me some diggin deep into the unconscious. Hell, my therapy is a lot of that, and it is definitely needed. But a HUGE change occured for me, when I realise the energetic vibration I bought to healing. It was a mix of :

  • I’m not where I need to be

  • I don’t know where I am going

  • The WORK never ends

  • I’m always going to do the work

  • Shadow work never ends

  • Life is one huge trigger

  • I need to be fully healed to heal

  • The healiing never stops

  • I’ve come so far, when will the healing end

  • They need some healing

  • I need to get rid of the darkness within

  • I need to help heal as many people as possible

  • I need to do more meditation, yoga

  • I need to do more training

  • I am anxious, it’s just the way I am

  • It’s going to be hard…

  • I’m not ready …

  • When I am worthy xxxx will happen

  • When I have earnt it xxxx will happen

  • There are no good men out there for me

And so on. How many of these have you thought or believed before?

It’s so so common to fall into a needy resistancey healing trap through our inner dialogue. Our inner dialogue is driven by beliefs and energetic signatures. It is interesting to notice what the energy behind your inner dialogue is.

I am going to invite you to think of a new way to speak with yourself from a new perspective and angle. Instead of needing, working, trying, expecting things to be hard, thinking life is here for one big tamasic (hard/dark) learning process and thinking that god is here to smite you into earning your joy.

God/Universe/Goddess/etc is an omnipotent force which vibrationally hears ALL. Our inner dialogue will create an outward reality that is quite literally reflected to us. We think work, we get work. We think struggle, we get struggle. We think stuff is going wrong, guess what…. it’s gonna blow up.

Sweet souls, our language is quite literally vibrational ingredients to the cake of life and when we put bad ones in, the cake is gonna be some skunky tastin’ funk. Your words & inner dialogue can be gorgeous, organic, fine flour and your thoughts can be the very best cashew cream icing made with love and consideration. I want your life to be a yummy, lovely cake that makes you beam with joy and gratitude every single day. AND it doesn’t have to be a hard thing!

The only slightly challenging thing is to reframe your inner dialogue. The key in? LOVE.

Self love. Here I go on my soap box. I will never ever stop sharing this message. Love is the vibrational ingredient that will quite literally change EVERYTHING. But in the matrix life where we are taught that self love and selfishness are bad traits, then it’s going to require a conscious, change making process.

So, I am inviting you to start noticing the words and dialogue you use towards everything you can.

  • What do you think when you look in the mirror?

  • What do you say to yourself when you make a mistake?

  • What do you think when you start dating?

  • What do you think about your ability to follow your dreams?

  • Why do you not feel good enough to seek therapy, healing or make choices that will actually make you feel better?

  • What stops you making loving choices?

  • Do you feel sick thinking about telling yourself ‘I LOVE YOU’?

If all ready you’re feeling like I’ve poked your through your digital screen, then darling, this is definintely a good starting point.

All those parts of you which are not LOVE and JOY and ACCEPTANCE are all constructs, myths, stories which are born out of childhood traumas, society, the matrix, patriarchal BS and so on.

I’m inviting you to start choosing DIFFERENT today. Choose SELF LOVE. Induldge in yourself. Indulge in unconditional presence to ALL your parts; none are good, none are bad. All are part of you. You are a human with all sorts of shades of colour and all of them shape you and are ingredients for your lush cake of life.

Start seeing what it feels like to use the following instead (you can try ‘can’ rather than ‘am’ if this feels just TOO much of a vibrational gap from where you are right now):

  • I’m not where I need to be – I can find more and more about myself and my path each day, it feels so good

  • I don’t know where I am going – My path is clear for me to follow the drumbeat of my soul, how interesting!

  • The WORK never ends – Life can be/is full of different experiences for me discover who I truly am!

  • I’m always going to do the work – I’m ( I can be) open to whatever joys life has in store for me

  • Shadow work never ends – Many emotions can run through my body, how interesting to experience them all. Wow, being a human is awesome.

  • Life is one huge trigger – I am / can be open to all the joys that life offers me through many experiences. I know it is all leading me to greater love.

  • I need to be fully healed to heal – Through my own experience, I can/am help/helping others to know their own path to healing. The more I heal, the greater my power to heal others

  • I need to get rid of the darkness within – There are so many interesting fragments within me, I have my whole life to experience and love them all.

  • I need to help heal as many people as possible – By healing myself, I am healing the world through the law of attraction & the power of my energetic vibration.

  • I need to do more meditation, yoga – I can make loving choices for myself every single day, because I know I am worthy

  • I need to do more training – I am learning more each day, how incredible.

  • I am anxious, it’s just the way I am – I have the power to change how I feel through openness and acceptance. I love myself enough to know that I am more than the sum of my emotions

  • It’s going to be hard… – I am going to have an amazing experience!

  • I’m not ready … I am so ready to experience JOY and LOVE

  • When I am worthy xxxx will happen – I am ready for joy right now because I know I am worthy, it is my birthright.

  • When I have earnt it xxxx will happen – Right now, I am living in alignment to attract in everything I desire.

  • There are no men out there for me – There are so many gorgeous men I am meeting in line with my vibration.

Some easy changes that will have a HUGE energetic imprint.

I really want cake now.

Massive love to you all. Let me know how this resonated with you!!!!!!!


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