Mercury Retrograde Myths & How YOU Can Get The Most Out Of Mercury Retro

So it’s that time of year again where Mercury is turning retrograde and scaremongering/face value astrologers love to tell us that for a month we cannot sign contracts, start new relationships, start new endavours or go near public transport because it may be our doom.

Ha, I am exagerrating, but in honesty, mercury retro gets a bad rep! The truth is, mercury retro is one of my absolute favourite energies and we actually get mercury retrograde 3 times a year! It is a period where yes, the energetic influences are definitely different to when mercury is direct BUT there are a lot of powerful, epic new beginnings for this particular mercury retrograde and so I felt that with this particular energy at play, I’d dispell some of the myths of the mercury retro!

  1. We cannot accomplish anything with mercury retrograde
    Take that belief outta your head! This is actually not the truth of mercury retro. In the period of mercury retro, we have the opportunity to dig deeper into an existing project, relationship or belief (depending on where this is playing out and what is happening in your own astrology!).
    So in essence, mercury retro is a fab time to revisit your website, revisit old relationships for further healing either in meditation states or reality itself, return back to something you started before and never finished, return to an old idea, return to the past for further healing, deepening of an existing bond, revisiting and old network of people or simply clean out the house or your workspace. You can make a to do list of those things you may wish to revisit, this is just lovely for when mercury goes direct again, because you’ll reap the benefits!

  2. Relationships will fall apart
    Yes and no. So personally, for me, mercury retro asks me to revisit relationships and reasses boundaries, values and how the relationship is running. Honestly, the minute mercury has turned retro for me an old relationship ALWAYS resurfaces, it’s actually an ongoing joke for me. For me, I have had a breakup in mercury retro BUT I also had a heavy saturn venus transit.. and THEN the next mercury retro, someone new has arrived, exactly as I had manifested after the breakup in the previous mercury retro. So again, the theme of revisiting what I wanted in love and romance, returned in mercury retro with the manifestation (in line with some other supportive transits!)
    Generally, you can use this energy to practice deeper connection in existing relationships to grow and evolve the bond itself. Which is just lovely. Have a look at my relationship exlixir post, it’s BOMB for deeper intimacy.

  3. It’s a bad time
    Again, not true. It’s just calling us to examine and introspectively re asses how we communicate regarding particular areas. I guess, if you don’t like self reflection, then yeah, this transit woud suck!

  4. Travel is disrupted, so don’t travel
    Well, usually, there are more travel disruptions but you AREN’T going to die, so just allow extra time and double check your scheduling that it’s all from the right place etc

  5. Electronics die
    Well technically, this happens a little more in mercury retro but ONLY if you need to actually get new technology to aid you further in your soul mission. I’ve had some hilarious breakages in line with mercury retro, but it’s all fine, this can happen any time, not just retro. Expect some glitches perhaps, but do not feel like everything will break because then you may actually attract that thing in through Law of Attraction!

  6. Relationships started in mercury retro will fail
    As I mentioned before, this isn’t really a truth. Anything can begin in a retrograde, it just means that the energetic changes and transformations of the relationship will happen during mercury retrograde. If you meet your dream partner, the relationship isn’t doomed to die or cursed into oblivion, and if it lasts into when mercury goes direct, it’s sure to be fine and normal. What I will say is that the most crucial periods are when mercury is stationing to go retro or direct, this is maybe the days to be aware of and the most crucial time and has the biggest impact. Otherwise, it’s not so impactful really! Many people are born with this energy in their chart, including me, and although we are a bit different how we process information… I’m all right, aren’t I? Ha!

Life will not come crashing down, huns. In fact this energy simply asks us to revisit, dig deeper and lay foundations in the area it’s happening. Some things will not survive mercury retro because upon revisiting, the confirmation that this is not for you is apparent. It is hard, but actually, in the grand scheme of things, all for our soul’s highest evolvement.


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