What You Need To Know About The End of Karmic Cycles from October 2019 – January 2020

What You Need To Know About The End of Karmic Cycles from October 2019 – January 2020

Hi GORGEOUS beings!!

This is a much overdue blogpost but I have finally got more time for blogging, podcast and content so I am going to bring you so much more stuff to muse over.

Firstly, if you have clicked this link, then you are MEANT to be seeing this article. Think about this as an astrological nudge that’s being sent to you from me as another fragment of your own consciousness mirroring something that you know deep down.

Since Jan 2019 particularly we have had a huge triggering of eclipses in Capricorn and Cancer, alongside Pluto, Saturn and the South Node. Pluto has been in Capricorn much longer and so in truth, for some of us, this cycle has been happening a long time. Particularly those born between late 1989 and 1991 are getting a real hit in their soul’s evolution in some areas of life.

Astrologically speaking, this energy is huge and everyone is having it somewhere in their life, depending on their own unique birth time and place. So this really is for the collective, regardless of your astrological makeup.

Sweet souls, we are being guided now, more than ever to close out old karmic patterns and cycles. Inherently, we have unconscious karmic ties, behaviours, beliefs and limitations that are deep in our psychy. In this 14 year transit of pluto, we are actually right now being asked to do a major purging of those inherited belief systems, fears, values and inner limitations. Because we live in a universe based on the law of attraction, our outer circumstances are manifestations of our inner consciousness and even unconsciousness, hence the quote ‘as is the macrocosm, is the microcosm’ from ancient yogic philosophies.

The evolutionary astrology perspective is that if we are unconsciously being driven by mental structures, beliefs and emotions that are from shame, past lives, childhood, parents, society’s expectations and our own lack of self awareness, we will be living lives that bring back circumstances over and over again in order for us to develop a deeper self awareness, triggering and eventually healing of those aspects within.

So since Jan 2019 we have been experiencing circumsances that have required us not to take the ‘hair trigger’ reaction road, and in fact, dig deeper into the why of our feelings and responses to relationships and circumstances (depending on the area of our astrology). For example, for me, I have had to work through deep karma attached to people abandoning me and death, self – worth and also finances and how I earn money. The only way that I could heal this was through a subject-object relationship. What I mean is, that without something outside of me (relationships, career change, health crisis’ etc) triggering these inner wounds and fears, then there is way less change of me becoming aware of these inner incongruences within my soul and unconscious.

For many people this has been an absolute rollercoaster, but all because we are being asked to do the work. Our soul has elected into this experience, at this time, to heal many many many timelines with heavy karma in order to help the collective consciousness evolve into a higher way of being, feeling and connecting.

As we come towards the end of this cycle, it really is time to let go of anything that you are holding onto that is based in fear and not in a place of authenticity and self love. We do not have very long left now, and with Saturn being involved, a very slow planet, if we do not make the necessary changes then we will be stuck in this cycle for another 29 years. Conversely, if we make the necessary changes, we will also experience a huge new energetic phase for the better for the next 29 years.

In Jan 2020 Jupiter will move into capricorn. Jupiter expands everything it touches. So if we have not made the changes for our soul’s highest evolvement, expect and expansion of the current experiences you have had happening in the last 18 months. If we have made the changes, this will bring a huge reward and new opimistic wonderful energy.

Letting go is really really hard! I find it so very hard, but it is necessary as part of our evolution to understand that letting go creates a vaccuum where new things can flow into! When we let go of a low vibrational belief, behaviour, job or relationship we are vibrationally saying to the universe that we want something better. We are willing to enhance our life through courage and self love. If you struggle with letting go, like me, here is my article on letting go.

Saturn and pluto are not bad planets, as such. These planets want us to experience an evolvement and stronger foundations for growth in the long run. They actually want us to experience a high octave of life, love and reality but they teach us through real physical lessons which often feel outside of our control.

The control that we do have is in our response to these changes and lessons. Are we going to blame outwardly and be victims? Or can we have the courage to step into the driving seat of our reality and transform the wounds that they bring up? Can we connect with a deeper trust and faith in ourselves as a unique expression of God/Universe etc that we are here to evolve the consciousness of the universe and lift our collective vibration? Can we step into love and away from fear? Well, only if we want to.

Some people do not want to change, and that is fine!! But we have to understand that we do have the power to change should we choose that path. Instead of being vitcims of our lives, we can be victors and the major shareholders of our own lives.

Wherever you are feeling this energy and karmic pull, I urge you to take courage and follow the whispers of your soul so that you can experience greater love, wisdom and joy every day of this life.

Comment below where you have felt this energy!!! What things have been coming up for you???


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