Navigating & Thriving Through Christmas & January When You’ve Got an Eating Disorder

It’s that time of year again where we can often find the societal conventions of christmas are showing up a lot of incongruences and discomforts within. Remembering our own inner truth and inner compass can be critical for us to feel well in a holistic sense at this time of year.

So I decided that I would record a podcast just for you lot to share my insights, to the best of my own growth and knowledge for those who have any challenges around food, eating, exercise and so much more this festive season.

Christmas can be an interesting time for those with eating disorders, not to mention January detox season, which is an entirely different beast. If you know anyone going through ED treatment or has had one in the past, please share this episode.

The pathology of an eating disorder can open the doors to a deeper sense of our own inner truth and aligns us to our own meaning of what it is to feel safe, but in a very strange and roundabout way, which often leaves the person with an eating disorder feeling alone, isolated and a victim of their circumstances.

Accepting the reality of people who aren’t yet in the frame of mind to do christmas in a ‘conventional’ way is integral in their healing and it’s absolutely never personal when someone decides they want to retreat a little or maybe say no to invitations.

People are where they are and it’s totally ok.

If you have an ED and are feeling apprehensive at this time, this ones for you. If you struggle with christmas, you may find this insightful too.

DISCLAIMER: Disclaimer – This is for entertainment purposes only and in ALL my podcast I do not intent to diagnose, treat or cure and illness, mentally or physically. Please get the help of a medical professional in any case that these episodes trigger you.

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