The 11/11 Portal – Angelic Channelled Guidance

The 11/11 Portal – Angelic Channelled Guidance

Hey everyone!

The 11/11 portal is a great time for manifesting and it is also when we can plug in for a deep reset from the angelic realm. Awakened souls can recieve another upgrade and chakra alignment from archangelic beings. Some people who are not yet ‘awake’ will recieve some sort of transmutation which is opening the gateway to greater awareness within them. With the 11/11 energy, we can get special insights and guidance from source for in our own lives and how we can embrace greater love, growth and joy.

Anyhow, I am super happy to be able to share this channelled message with you all for the 11.11 portal. If you’ve been called to click on this link or read this blog then this one is for you!!!

I made contact today with Archangel Chamuel & someone I hadn’t ever heard of and had to go and good! Archangel Sariel, who is apparently the archangel of death and healing (hope I’m not gonna die today, but hey!!). I also made contact with Archangel Peter, that made me chuckly, mainly because his name is super chill. Peter is the trainer of all archangels and is a mentor, he also is extremely musical (which makes sense personally for my own journey right now).

The themes of death, letting go, healing and unconditional love are really huge with this mercury retrograde, and so, it is no wonder that I made contact with these energies for this time. I hope you find even one bit of this insightful!!!

Dear ones,

The vibration of unconditional love is all ready within you. It resides in the deepest part of your being and is your very essence. The human experience is one where you are led astray from your own love nature. All we ask of you is to remember in each moment of pain, loss, joy and crisis that love is your own god nature.

It is within your power to ask the archangels to relieve you of your sadness and strife in times of difficulty. We are here to assist and ease your burdens.

Many of you are experiencing death at this time. Death is a part of living and the transmutation of one form of god to another. We ask that you begin to understand death not as a loss, but as a revival and resurrection. When things die and are lost from your life, fear not. Remember that love is the nature of the universe and nothing is happening to cause you pain and suffering. Ultimately, the nature of god is to help you embody love and peace through all of existance, including pain and suffering. Death comes as a quest to greater love and healing. The map of the soul is not one that is linear, but it is always leading to one final destinantion.

Do not fear death and endings. The are part of the greater cycle of god. When things die, new things come into that space for the greater good and expansion of the universe. You cannot be open to new when you are holding onto the old. We ask that you have deep faith in times of loss and despair that you can ask for assistance. We are here to guide you and help you all you must do is ask and believe.

Belief is the key to opening the door to our powers and assistance. Ask for us to show ourselves and we will. Open your heart to our love and care and we wil. We are all around you in nature, in numbers, in thoughts and in music. Everywhere you ask for us, you will see us, just open your heart and eyes. Listen with all your being and know we are here to support you whenever you need us.

We are multidimensional and beyond time and space. You do not need to worry or feel guilt about asking for our assistance. This is our divine mission.

Open your hearts to us and we will be there. In your cosmic centre is the place where you can access our vibration. Through us you can heal and heal the world through the vibration of unconditional love. This is your divine birthright and nature.

I hope you got something from that guys! I’m starting to channel, and honestly, it’s a challenge for me. My ego is literally laughing the shit out of itself at me right now… but let’s just roll with it !!

My reiki is getting pretty powerful these days, due to my angelic contact so really when you tune in with this vibration.. life is sort of amazing in ways I cannot explain!

Have a wonderful 11/11 and let me know if you have any fun experiences or angelic stuff to share!!!

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