HOW To Create More Joy & Abundance 101 – DOING LESS and RECEIVING MORE.

HOW To Create More Joy & Abundance by DOING LESS and RECEIVING MORE.

We live in a universe based on the law of attraction. In my journey, I had a severe lack of abundance, joy and pleasure in my life but this only changed when I began to change my inner values, beliefs and self worth stories.

The thing is, our outer world is a manifestation and reflection of our inner world. In a society where we are taught to look outside for answers, rather than inside, no wonder we can end up living a life where we feel defeated, lost and lack. We can often feel powerless because from a young age we aren’t shown that vibrationally, we attract exactly what we are internally vibrating.

From experience and turning my own life around, I know that each and everyone of us has a deep reservoir of power within which can only be accessed when we change our mindset around our stories and circumstances.

Our outer circumstances come around and can trigger inner emotions such as pain, fear, stress, anxiety and discomfort. Each of these strong reactions occuring to outisde stimulus are opporunities to actually discover more about our true nature. The act of self discovery is one where we are actively accepting our reality, but understanding our power to change it lies within taking that outer triggering and then using it to our advantage.

Something that I discovered was when I was giving out a lot without having boundaries, self worth or self care in place, I often ended up on empty in many ways; my bank account to my health. In fact, I was a reiki healer yoga teacher and so on, but in a right mess because I was stuck in people pleasing, worry about what people thought, a fear of not being enough and this was then playing out into how I lived my life. I felt guilty about pleasure and indulgance and even felt guilty about resting and eating.

The ratrace society rewards DOING instead of BEING, and so, it is not surprising we can experience difficulties when we overdo it.

We can actually be extremely productive doing NOTHING and I have recently discovered that LESS IS MORE.

Hear me out.

If we are being super busy because we are in a place of FOMO, need to assert ourselves or even force instead of being patienct, we are actually sending out a message to the universe that we do not TRUST and we are not in a space to slow down and RECEIVE.

Receptivity and receiving blessings and abundance requires us to be still and open. For example, if you’re trying to get on the bus, but the bus doesn’t slow down or open the doors, the bus ain’t recieving you and you’re probably gonna end up mangled around a bus wheel going at the speed of light… get it? Be the bus that stops every 100m. Be the tortoise and not the hare!

When we slow down, even stop and be still we send out a huge message. It’s likely when we begin to do this GUILT will kick in, but here’s the truth you can tell that guilt… to recieve, one has to be STILL. One has to be open to recieve. In BEING I am DOING.

Our internal self worth is reflected outwardly. If you do not value your needs for rest, slowness and pleasure, you simply won’t GET those things back to you. Think about the mangled person around the bus wheel.

So here are some SIMPLE things you can do to begin to recieve abundance and experience more joy in your life :

  • Know when to work and when not to work. If you’re burnt out, working is a bad idea. Learn to say no.

  • Drop obligations that make you feel like shit or uncomfortable (where possible) i.e invest in a cleaner. Invest in the cleaner seems like a loss of money, but VIBRATIONALLY you say to the universe, I value my time and trust the flow of giving money to create self care. I’ve seen time over time clients get a cleaner or a housekeeper and it moves mountains.

  • Instead of doing exercise to punish yourself, do something that feels GOOD.

  • Walk in nature

  • Engage in sexual pleasure solo or with your partner(s). Recieving pleasure and surrendering, sexually, is a HUGE message to the univeres that you can, indeed, surrender to the power of the universe and are worth of pleasure and ecstacy

  • Pamper yourself, buy little treats

  • Create a self care menu

  • Value your time

  • Quit the job that limits you and you KNOW is no longer right

  • Ask someone to do something for you from making you a cuppa to asking your partner for a massage

  • Give your money to things that enhance self care. Vibrationally, this tells the universe you are investing in YOURSELF

  • Avoid toxic things, people, relationships and more

  • Eat foods that give you joy

  • Do abundance meditations

There are so many things you can do, why not share yours below!

If you want to go deeper into a living a life that is fully of joy and abundance then sign up to my MODERN GODDESS ONLINE Ecourse and join our amazing community.

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