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Toxins, Plastics & More – Why They Can Screw Up Your Health

I was only 16 when my mother died. I strongly believe this was because she was living a heavily toxic life. With no obvious health conditions, people would have said she was healthy, but that was not the truth. My mother suffered terribly with drinking too much at the weekends, yoyo dieting, weight problems, used birth control, used toxic cleaners, shampoos etc, had severe anxiety and depression and probably much more I didn’t know about as a teenage daughter. But what I do know, is that no healthy 40 year old woman should die from a chest infection. If her body and organs were stronger and less burdened with 40 years of ‘average’ living then her body may have been able to cope with the demands of aggressive medications and an infection.

Why is it important we know about this stuff? Because it can majorly transform your health!

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Healing Flus & Colds before they become ‘a thing’…

We all know that feeling when the head starts to feel stuffy, throat hurts, energy is low and the sight of coffee turns your stomach. Something’s wrong… but what is it? We think.. this is it.. I am ill. Better eat some Vit C!! Or is there a better way?

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Essential Oils to support Anorexia, Binge Eating Disorder & Bulimia

With so many patterns and thoughts fighting for survival in the boardroom of the subconscious mind, essential oils can be a tool, alongside professional help, to slow us down so that we can start to see them without letting them overtake us. This way we can start to actively shepherd the thoughts & beliefs rather than let them rule the roost.

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Essential Oils to Soothe Stress & Anxiety

In a society where the pace and demands of modern life is quite frankly, frightening, it is no wonder more and more humans are struggling with the symptoms of Anxiety or stress.

Anxiety tends to be a state in which we are in fight-or-flight. This is also know as a sympathetic nervous system response. In this state, it is harder for our body to restore, find hormonal balance, think rationally, digest food well, detoxify and burn fat. There are many more things which anxiety affects, but the psychological burden of anxiety can feel crippling, irrational and at times too painful to carry on.

Here are some essential oils that can support you.

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