Change is INEVITABLE : Uranus in Taurus & What It Means For You!

Astrology is always evolving, changing and reflecting to us, the collective changes here in the 3d, on earth and in humanity. Not only can we use astrology to get a deeper sense of the energetic states we can lean into for our souls growth, but we can also use it to help ourselves understand those very deep unconscious changes that are happening within ourselves, our loved ones & nature as a whole.

So what is this 7 year cycle about for you?

Unless you have been living in a hole, you will have noticed the recent fires in the Amazon (taurus governs earth, nature, Uranus, fire, electricity, sudden erratic change, unpredictable) as just one example of where Uranus in Taurus is manifesting in a very true and real way. There are many more environmental crisis’ resulting us to be propelled into more thoughtful actions and deeper truths about the future and stability of our earth. There is a real change occuring and it is happening both collectively and individually.

In the UK we are feeling this heavy pluto, saturn, south node energy in Capricorn (patriarchal structures, authority, restriction, male rule) where quite literally, everything is turning on it’s head. There is a long, slow death and deconstruction of everything we know in these areas. These have been triggered with a worsening of these negative capricorn patriarchal archetypes being placed in powerful positions.. They are the polarity so that we are collectively experiencing what we no longer need or desire for the future, in other words, they can propel us further into what we do want more of.. (Taurus – nature, nurture, softness, calmness).

Our role as humans is not in being human, but in being humane. The more we can start to heal from within ourselves and reach a level of humility, reverence and overcome our own stories and scripts from the past, the more that we ourselves will experience a shift in the world around us. In times of crisis and change it is worth remembering that we live in a universe based on law of attraction. In other words, our greatest assets that we have direct power over are our own internal healing journeys relative to our own subconscious core values, beliefs and truths (uranus) that give us meaning, worth, structure, stability, nurture and safety (taurus).

So whilst this is only just skimming the tip of the iceberg, I want to get into what this means for you individually. For this, you will need to know your ascendent sign. If you do not know it, you can either book an astrology reading with me by clicking here.

To know your ascendant sign, otherwise, you can head to and for more clarity check out my astro classroom here. I advise looking at where uranus is currently in your astrology, because for some Taurus ascendents, for example, Uranus is still in there 12th house, as their Taurus ascendent is still towards the end of Taurus. If this seems like nonsense, then next step is to book in a reading or work with me 121 as the basics of astrology are so helpful.

Please remember that, for everyone, there will be different energies triggered in your unique astrology, so this will really be general. Even so, the basics are useful to know, in order to allow the necessary unconscious processes and unfoldings to occur so that you can really get the jewel of benefit in this time of exciting, yet inevitable change. Talking about an isolated astrolgical concept is something that I am very conscious about, beacuse it negates the overall energy of your chart, so please take this with a pinch of salt. Looking at this as oracle, without your own individual birth chart being considered is like going to McDonalds and saying you have had the best beef burger in the world….

Taurus Ascendent

If your ascendent is at the beginning of Taurus, this is happening in your 1st House of self, body and overall life trajectory. Look to the house that Uranus rules in your chart (where aquarius is) because this will give you more depth. The overall structure of your life is changing, you may have sudden changes in your health, overall soul purpose or just huge changes in your belief systems that feel almost like they appeared out of nowhere. Be very careful of the nervous system, vata, restless energy at this time. Take time to ground barefoot on the earth daily and tune in more wirth nature

Gemini Ascendent

If you are are gemini ascendent, this is happening in your 12th house of unconscious, hidden, higher realms (basically everything you cannot see). There will be some sort of accelerated enlightening happening and breakthroughs relative to any unconscious beliefs that keep you stuck and stable but do not reflect your true nature and desires. Examining and working through what beliefs are actually reflecting your truth and what have been birthed out of fear, the need for safety and keeping stable rather than letting go to release and surrender what no longer serves you.

Cancer Ascendent

This is happening for you in the 11th house of extended networks, internet networks, friends, hopes and dreams and sudden gains or losses. It’s possible that you are having some real changes and sudden alterations in your friendships. You may be losing those stable connections that you’ve known, even friendships that you have held onto that no longer serve you will now be rumbled, altered or suddenly lost. You may benefit from gaining financial stability through internet platforms, virtual currencies, but invest wiseley and double check your astrology before anything like that! This is generally an exciting transit in the 11th house

Leo Ascendent

For you leos, this is happening in the 10th house. This is a powerful time fo your career & public image and perhaps the father figure. It may be that you change career suddently, have insights about what career would relfect your true purpose and ideals. There may be some sudden changes around the father figure, but remember this is a long transit, so this can be triggered any times. It is a great time to evolve the career through online platforms, online communities and let go of any limiting jobs, career beliefs or beliefs about the way public see you.

Virgo Ascendent

For virgo rising folk, this is happening in the 9th house of higher beliefs, long distance travel and expanding the mind. You will be experiencing a lot of new insight related to what you really believe about the higher meanings in your life. For the next 7 years you may experience lots of sudden experiences to travel (relative to the house where aquarius is in your chart). Be careful travelling as things may not go as you expected when you do. A good idea is to consult or book a relocation reading with me, this may very well help you to navigate where to travel for the best energetic evolutions. It’s time to experience some different locations through travel rather than staying in the luxury of home, stability and comfort. It is also a time to expand the belief system from those things that keep you stable and safe, internally, from reaching a higher potential.

Libra Ascendent

For libra ascendents, this is happening in the 8th house of taxes, death, loss, other people’s money, inheritance, occult, astrology, deeper meanings of life. This is a transit that may mean a lot of sudden change that will feel out of you control. This is a big big transit, and I advise working with an astrologer or even astrological magic to get the best from it. There can be sudden highs, sudden lows but all will feel generally outside of you. This is a time to invest in psychotherapy to manage the real changeable shifts happening here, otherwise it can be a little bit of a difficult one to navigate. There may be a sudden return to nature as a means of connecting to higher realms.

Scorpio Ascendent

This is happening in your 7th house of relationships, business contracts and such. You may find that you are resisiting change, relative to your long term relationships. There will be deep realisations in what you need from a relationship to feel safe and secure, what you desire from a partner for longevity and perhaps some sudden arrivals of romantic partners, long term friends or even sudden changes in the relationships, marriage or moving in together. There will likely be shakeups in relationships, particularly romantic or business, so be prepared to work on your emotional health so that you can navigate these with ease and grace.

Saggitarius Ascendent

This is in the 6th house of health and daily routines. There will be some sudden changes in health that may require a restructuring of the routines that you have held onto for too long. Any changes required to help you will likely come in the form of sudden health changes, so do make sure you are relaxing more at this time and doing things that offset crazy vata uranian energy such as swimming, meditating, walking and being more gentle and feminine in your daily routines. Allow yourself to let go of anything that feels out of alignment with your bodies needs and desires relative to long term health and wellbeing.

Capricorn Ascendent

This is in your 5th house of hobbies, romance, inner child and children. You are super fertie at this time, so be very vigilant in the bedroom if you do not want children! You may have a need to return to any healing work on your inner subconscious beliefs that you are holding onto and retaining from childhood that keep you safe, but do not necessarily serve you. It is time to embrace sudden interest in new hobbies, perhaps technology related, witchcraft related or even related to getting out into nature more. You have a natural tendency to stay home and relax rather than get out and try new things, so have a go. Be aware of sudden new romantic interests appearing out of nowhere, sudden new ideas about hobbies and any sudden changes in emotions that feel old and outdated, they are asking for healing. If you have children, there will be a 7 year cycle of change regarding them.

Aquarius Ascendent

For Aquarians, this is in the 4th house of home, emotional nuture, the mother archetype, feelings, stability, traditions and roots. This is a great time for letting go of childhood belief patterns that hold you hostage. This is a time where there may be lots of change around the mother. You may move home and relocate from the family roots to experience a totally new energy within this 7 years.

Pisces Ascendent

For pisces ascendents, this is happening in the 3rd house of siblings, short term travel, media, communications and local community. This is a great time to experiment with social media communications and publishing in order to expand your wider audience and communities, particularly through the internet. You may notice some changes with the siblings or maybe will have to travel a lot more for work than usual around your local area driving here, there and everywhere.

Aries Ascendent

For Aries Asc, this is happening in the 2nd house of finances, self worth and value system around what you need to keep stable and survive. There will be sudden highs and lows in income. Ensure you are saving when you get windfalls of money, as you can also experience the opposite. A good mantra for this time is ‘money comes money goes and money flows to me with abundance’. It could be a good time to experiment with investing money through technological sources, like bitcoin, but make sure you are astrologically aware before you go ahead with this! There will be some changes in the belief system about what you need to feel safe, stable and nutured and possibly some insights about self worth through meditation, internet or sudden meetings.

Please remember that this is soooo general, and will affect everyone differently. Astrology is a very individual thing. Share this with anyone you thing might enjoy, and comment, let me know if this resonates!


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