Full Moon Eclipse Meditation for World Peace

I am so very sure you have noticed the world is going a little bit crazy right now.

Gaia is currently roaring a war cry towards humanity that we cannot continue as we have done any longer.
Ancient vedic beliefs have stood the test of time and nowadays, modern self help ‘gurus’ still share the same message : reality (saturn) is always a manifestation of our inner unconscious fragments, belief systems and disowned aspects of self caused through the process of socialization, parenting and so on (chiron, pluto, south node)

This is not to bash anyone or any parent out there, we are all flawed aspects of the whole and we are currently facing our inward realities manifesting on a real world level, right there to be addressed. We have an opportunity not to fall into fear here, even though it is very easy and programmed for us to do so.

Instead, we can begin to realise our power within to actually change our own inner vibration so that we can positively affect ourselves and thus the whole.

So without further rambling, I have put together a meditation for world peace that I hope will positively affect you all on a personal level and thus the collective. We are all earth angels and warriors in human form, and we can to assist in the evolution of humanity and source consciousness so that we can all ascend into a greater vibration and integration of love and peace so that we can truly begin to live in the golden age.

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