Astrology For This Week (10th August) & Lionsgate Portal Magic


You may or may not have heard of the lionsgate portal. It’s a special moment that happens each year where the star Sirius lines up over the pyramids and a portal of new energy usually opens up for 4 days from 8th august to 11th august. However, this year it is a lot later, it actaully opens on the 16th August (when sirius has its helical rising) and likely will be preceeded with many storms due to uranus doing some big moves (it rules lightening) and when it does finally rise, hotter days. The ancients called these days the ‘dog days’ because they were hotter, assosciated with fever, honry women, ferility and disease. It’s very interesting when you research into Sirius or the Dog Star and its connection with the helical rising or lionsgate each year.

Right now we are coming to the end of the great year, that is a 26,000 year cycle. You can quite clearly see and feel the destruction happening on the planet. All the old, toxic, stagnant and destructive energies are blending to get rid of anything that is no longer necessary for our new cycle. There is a lot you can read deeper into this, and for this reason, I recommend you check out the lectures with Alex Hickman here.

There’s a lot of geometry and mastery to this ancient and cyclic moment, but for now, I want to give you the quick lowdown of how you can make the most of what’s left of these days, especially as this year, the transformation is all the more bigger. 

It’s a HUGE time for change and evolution now, as you well know if you have been following my podcast, instagram energy updates and such (make sure you do, as they are regularly updated, and I wouldn’t want you to miss out! Head to the podcast here or follow me on IG @iamcassieaurora )

In a nutshell, THIS is the 2nd half of 2020 and the energy shift is going to feel like you are READY to fire ahead in one or more areas of life, yet you have boundaries, heaviness, limitation and duties in another area which will be conflicting directly with this. You may also be having sudden downloads and insights too, like you’ve been plugged into the mains. Life is quite literally shifting and changing day by day and on one hand, you want to just plunge forward but on the other hand, there is a karmic closure which feels delayed and requires your focused input.

It’s like you’re straddling two canoes on a rocky rapid river, basically.

In a nutshell, this is all about you stepping out of inauthenticity, illusion and denial and into your truth, authenticity and taking courage to do so. Whatever life you had build on falsehood is literally crumbling around and any karmic stuff you have not dealt with is coming back for healing, balance, purging and to be put to rest for now.

The best way to use this portal is, you guessed it, is to dive inwards, and slow down. We are in leo season, the lion. The leader, courageous, heart led, bravehearted, bold lion. When you feel this archetype of the lion, feel its deep roar within you, it’s not really vibrationally possible to hold fear in the same moment. So embracing this inner lion courage, can be a powerful ally, in the face of this year’s big shifts.

Slowing down is the theme of this year. As a collective we have absolutely NO power outside of ourselves, in fact, these outer things are quite literally distractions and yet REFLECTIONS of our inner enslavement of our freedom.

In order for you to attain freedom, it requires you to dive inwards to where YOU enslave yourself in false stories, traumas from the past, fear and complacency to your TRUE power. Diving inwards AFTER being triggered by these chaotic events will enable you to see the jewel of benefit, to find the wisdom in the experiences you are now being offered.

Your past stories and emotions do not define you, you are so much more magnificent than that. And yet, every time you forget this, you will undoubtably lose your power and peace.

There is also a powerful aspect with pluto and mars meaning you may feel very impulsive, but really think things through before you act, as I said before, because there can be some sort of crisis if you aren’t careful. It’s a destructive energy if not used wiseley, so be careful not to make hasty decisions in relationships, career, health changes, new fads, going all into to something, don’t rush around driving, doing silly risky things because this energy can, and likely will, bite you in the ass. It’s also not the best week to start anything new, especially relationships.

A fresh perspective on struggle may be helpful at this time, so I will leave you with this analogy. A butterfly is in a cocoon, struggling. If you cut the Butterly out too soon, it will die, because the struggle creates it’s strength. The strength to fly is often created in the struggle and adversity. So instead of collapsing with fear and complacency in the challenges of now, where can you turn inwards, dive deep into your inner believe, faith, resolve and courage to chose LOVE, COMPASSION, HUMILITY and WISDOM.

I wish you a wonderful week. 

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