How to Navigate and Make The BEST of The Most Surprising & Intense Week of 2021

We are in the bosom of one of the most pivotal and intense weeks of 2021 where what you do NOW is shaping the next 20 years. Be sure to navigate it in the best way you can…

The 20th Jan marks a the ‘most surprising day’ of the year, astrologically, where mars meets uranus in the sky. However, what makes this moment so remarkable, is that the energy is all ready so heightened in these 2 weeks of 2021. If you heard my latest podcast, you’ll know that these are arguably the most intense weeks of 2021. Why? Well, there is SO much conflicting energy in the sky from both fixed signs, Taurus and Aquarius. They are forming squares with one another, which in astrology language is, tense, frustrating, conflicting and without common ground. If we take a look at the chart below, you’ll see that there is a LOT of RED, which is showing the amount of challenging energies at play.

Screenshot 2021-01-17 at 21.32.48.png

But what does it all mean?

Astrology always feels like a stage to me. All the planets are actors and the signs are how they are acting out their part. We are the creative directors but god/universe/goddess is the executive producer and ultimately, he will step in, change the game if he needs to, especially if we are not seeing all the parts of the play or ignoring our duties as the major shareholder in the outcome of the play.

This week can be a bit of a shocker like that, where we FEEL like everything is against us. Where we FEEL the tension and frustration building up and up and want to do things NOW to change things immediately. Of course, depending on which houses and points this affects in your chart will affect the intensity. Also, the level of your conscious participation in your own path to sovereignty and growth will affect how this feels.

Uranus has been making its journey through the fixed sign taurus for 2 years now. It has 7 years total in a sign before moving out. Its changes are often like the tension building before a thunderstorm, with Uranus being the bolt of lightening. The shift and awakening that needs to happen when the atom splits and what was, has now changed. Uranus is the planet that represents where we want to break free, shakeups, revolution, freedom, rebellion and it’s like putting your hand in a plug socket. It’s electric and represents total, fast change. The sign that uranus is transiting is Taurus. Taurus is slow, steady, status quo and the things we need to feel secure. So as you can imagine, these pair are all ready chalk and cheese. This is why in my webinar of 2021, I highlighted the significance of how much our financial systems, food systems and security of what we feel we need to survive will shift and change this year, and without our own resilient financial, food and ability to adapt in place – we may find this year very challenging. If we are not open to change and are not making the necessary moves to advance ourselves and step more into our purpose and authenticity, this can also be a really tough time. If we don’t take the leap, we will be pushed. It’s that simple.

The thing that is slowing or even blocking us from making the changes we deeply desire to create change for our futures (uranus in taurus) is the Saturn in Aquarius energy, which is squaring (conflicting) with Uranus. We may have internally been feeling the build of energy of the change we want to make, the things we desire and what we want, and this week, this building energy of inner revolution, freedom and rebellion will build to a climax where we will want to pull the trigger and act NOW (mars). It could be the desire to break free from a marriage, the desire to change the direction of your business, the desire to change your living situation, the desire to change your health once and for all. You’ll know and feel what it is for you, I am sure. It really depends on your chart. In essence, Saturn wants you to make sustainable, responsible change. Not runaway and do without thinking.

The thing is, there are MANY Saturn squares to uranus this year which will be slowing everything down. If you have seen my astrology of 2021 webinar, you will know that these exact squares have always been correlated to big financial crashes, so hopefully you’ve been taking precautions, but don’t panic, we have survived it before and we can again. On a personal level, Saturn is slowing down all the processes of making the changes you want. Saturn is the planet of restriction from authority, constriction, blockages, limits, responsibility, slowness and burdens. He is in Aquarius, the place of freedom, free movement, humanity, the hoi-poloi, the masses, big groups of people. We can all ready see how he has played out with the lockdowns. We are also having this internally in our life SOMEWHERE which is blocking the need we will feel to break through and move forward with this charged area in our life.

This week the energy can feel so heightened. The best way to use this is to get the ball rolling if it’s something completely new that you’re feeling you must do, take caution making changes that are totally out of the blue. On the other hand, if you have all ready been thinking about something for a while and wanting to make the changes, then you can you can take a big but responsible action. Either way, this cannot be rushed. If you rush, whatever changes happen will collapse in on themselves or bring pesky returns later. It’s the best choice to slowly make changes with a real sense of sustained focus in mind. I know it can be frustrating.

For me and my partner, it’s playing out as starting the ball rolling on our move to Costa Rica. It will come with lots of delays with property, obligations to family as I am pregnant (Saturn is in my 4th) but my partner (7th house) being able to go out and explore and find the future place for us (uranus in taurus). The energy for me is coming through so literally as excitement and frustration and a feeling of ‘I can’t wait I want to be there yesterday’ but my saturnian head knows that this will take time, and I have to surrender to that. But I hope for the best and we are getting that ball rolling using that mars energy.

Realistically, the shifts that we all want to make may not culminate until the north node moves into Taurus after November and Saturn isn’t too harshly aspecting Uranus. But expect these energies to be playing out throughout the year. You can get yourself in a good space by building up resilience in any area of your life that feels fragile and not able to withstand change, working on being more adaptable, especially with the current changes taking place and taking those baby steps towards that leap of faith you know you need to take deep down.

As always, if I can support you with an astrology reading, you can book in with me. I will not be taking any more bookings after February 28th. I am taking bookings for the last two weeks now, so be sure to book in ASAP if you want a reading before November 2021, as the baby will take my full attention after that and the only way to work with me will be via my Soul Gym community (coming March) or via my DIY astrology courses or recorded webinars. You can still purchase my astrology of 2021 webinar, here. It has all the deep energies of 2021 in detail and how they may affect us and a month by month breakdown of all the big moves.

Are you aware of where this energy is building up for you? Let me know in the comments.


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