Buckle Your Seatbelts & Get your Raincoat on… Saturn is Visible, The Mercury Retrograde and Mars Transit Whirlwind Starts Today


Buckle Your Seatbelts & Get Your Raincoat on… Saturn is Visible, The Mercury Retrograde and Mars Transit Whirlwind Starts Today

Hey Gods and Goddesses,

Well I am sorry it’s been a while. I have been Saturn returned, retrograded in the astrology washing machine of life and in short, I have no tech to be creating all my lovely content for you. That said, my grandmother, amazing women, has come to my rescue. She is literally my lifesaver at times, and has leant me her laptop so I can bring you the podcasts and content that I’ve got lined up.

For those of you who are subscribed to the podcast, you will have all ready had the astro update land in your podcast app, so I highly recommend listening to it for sure! This mercury retrograde is a big’un because it also comes with a side dish of mars in its exaltation in Capricorn. Sounds like it’s all very nice on the surface, but with astrology, it’s all about patterns, rather than isolated events.

Depending on your unique astrological constitution, depends how much this affects you. For example, if you are in an annual protection year that is mars ruled for you, or you have critical houses ruled by mars or planets in Libra, Capricorn, Aries or cancer, you may feel this a lot more.

In short, mercury is debilitated in pisces, meaning this is said to be the worse place for mercury. Mercury is quick, movement, analysis, constantly changing, mobile. Pisces dissolves boundaries, is concerned with ethereal higher god love, letting go of the nitty gritty thoughts and mental clutter. It’s a bit like putting a bumblebee into a big, foggy dense ocean. And with retrograde there, it’s even more emphasised. It’s not time to initiate, buy new tech, start new things, or sign contracts when we are in such a dissolving, foggy energy.

Watch out for Lazarus’s. Those people that rise from the dead and appear out of nowhere, full of promise and romance. It’s likely to be a non starter and much exaggerated. People’s words are likely to be inflated or even be mulch and they may go back on them. It’s a bit like an Alice in wonderland energy, truly.

The podcast goes into much greater depth on what this means for you, but it’s a great time to plan slowing down, reflection, meditation, relaxation, baths and anything slow. It’s a good time to revisit old projects to really develop them. It’s the best time for backing things up (trust me, I lost podcasts and years of work over night due to a chip failure in my MacBook – you gotta laugh!)

You can check out the podcast if you want to know deeper, and get weekly updates of important astro transits.

The other funky player in the sky is mars moving into its exaltation in Capricorn. This is a real knuckle down and get stuff done energy… BUT with mercury retrograde in pisces it’s like the worker bee stepping into a surfer’s village. Stuff you initiate now can be really problematic. Not only due to the retrograde energy, BUT also because mars will go retrograde in September & square Capricorn. This essentially can mean that what we start now becomes very troublesome and problematic in September. For example, properties and mortgages signed now can run a muck in September and that’s not ideal.

Where possible, wait. This is really the best mantra for this season. With Mars in Capricorn and Saturn going visible the impetus will be to move forward but it’s about thinking carefully and laying foundations, revisiting old foundations, getting the advice and guidance of those with more knowledge than you and double checking your authenticity/integrity/foundations with whatever area of life this is happening in for you.

The biggest challenge is waiting especially when the energy says move forward, but it’s about evaluating with real patience and a fine toothed comb what is right and what is truthful. Mars moves forward like a warrior and Capricorn is foundations, structure and real life actions. It is the long game. So no quick fixes this season, time for some real action.

Check out the podcast to know more.

Last but not least, you may have noticed that the storms suddenly came cold and rough last weekend. This is very typical of Saturn becoming visible (which happened at the same time). Saturn brings harsh, cold, rough, dense, wet, groggy weather. It also means manifestation of things you have been working on until now, or karma. Lord knows my karma has been a right bugger but I am going through my Saturn return also. They key with this energy is to dot all the is and cross all the ts. We just have to knuckle down and play the long game. Depending on your unique astrology really depends how this plays out.

Also the rises of flus, coughs, colds etc is likely now, with Saturn going visible and one of the lovely things we can use to counteract this is citrus fruits and such sun like things. I am eating oranges, drinking lemon water, wearing orange, orange candles burning and also using my doterra wild orange essential oil, lemon & on guard essential oil. This are mini astrological magic spells we can do because they are sunny which is the opposite of Saturn’s dense, dark energy (the colour of Saturn is black!)

All of these things are culminating and still an extension of the Saturn Pluto conjunction which we are seeing play out in so many ways. If you haven’t read my older blog posts on this, I strongly urge you to, because it’s such a huge energetic change and shift for all people right now.

Our evolvement comes in the awareness of all the challenges that are arising right now, and to try not to swim against the tide or flow. It’s a real challenge when the world seems so chaotic right now, but serenity is not freedom from the storm, it’s the peace within it. What a bloomin’ lovely quote!

It is a real honour to be able to guide people using astrology. The sky is constantly sharing our inner reality with us. Working with an astrologer can be such an insightful way for us to gain the tools to move through our current life circumstances and karma with ease and grace.

If you wanted to book a private reading with me, you can head on over to my services page to learn more about how I can help guide you to evolve with ease and grace.

Have a wonderful week lovely souls!


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