The Final Eclipse of the Decade – Everything Is Changing (Solar Eclipse in Capricorn)

The Final Eclipse of the Decade – Everything Is Changing (Solar Eclipse in Capricorn)

Astrologically speaking, we have been seeing the most exciting times this past year. There is a massive purging happening both on a global collective level and a personal level that is considerable.

If you’re not yet familiar with the saturn, pluto, south node conjunction and transit in capricorn that is taking place and causing significant transmutation and restructure then I urge you to look at my blog post on karmic cycles ending for 2019 into 2020. as this will give you a more indepth look at this energetic shift.

There is a huge karmic restructuring happening right now on the collective and personal level. We are seeing this play out in many different areas, depending on our own personal astrology.

The lunar nodes and eclipses

The lunar nodes in astrology, called rahu & ketu, respectively, have been linked to many fated events throughout history. Many astrologers have used scaremongery with these so called ‘malefic’ or ‘bad’ astrological bodies, but this isn’t always the case.

The north node, rahu, is where our soul wants to head too. Rahu is linked with obsession and illusion, the idea that chasing something will fulfill us. Rahu is the dragon head who cannot stop eating and is assosciated with the mouth. Wherever we have rahu in our personal astrology is where we will have some sort of soul desire that often comes as an unsatisfied obsession. We often grow into our rahu as we age because the first 36-48 years of life are largely about understanding our own south node, ketu.

Ketu is somewhat different to rahu because it is about disillusion. Wherever ketu is in our astrological birth chart is where we experience loss, purging, things being taken away in a way which feels often very unfair and painful. Ketu strips us away of material comforts and attachments in order to help us understand where our true power lies, in god and source itself. Many people call the ketu mahadasha (cycle) the 7 years of hell, and this can be the case, but not for all. One thing that ketu, assures is that when a ketu transit happens or an eclipse triggers somewhere in your chart it humbles you in that area of life. It tests our resolve and faith. Ketu is our past life karma or early childhood karma but is also extremely spirtual. Those with ketu-jupiter or ketu-moon conjunctions are extremely psychic and gifted, for example.

The Eclipses of 2019-2020

This particular series of eclipses is part of the 3 north family of eclipses. It began around the year 1200 and will finish around 2400 and is to do with ancestral karma of relationships and younger siblings. Many people have been noticing that they are awakening to see the problems and cracks in societal, partiarchal and familial conditoning and where things HAVE to change in order to create a stronger, fairer and more evolved way of existence. We are seeing this from politics, to personal relationships, to our self worth and value system and even on a personal level. As a result of the lessons we are learning, we are consciously evolving our own belief systems and value systems (helped by uranus in taurus) and through quantum entanglement our outer world is changing relative to those beliefs we are now evolving into.

Of course, on a global level we are seeing the political climate turning into something of despair, but in my astrological opinion these are all outward archetypes of our own inner landscape. Ketu, the south node, teaches us that this realm the 3d is still largely and illusion where we are learning through subject-object relationships to come into an awareness of our instinctual self.

Through politics, society’s incongruences and relationship discomfort, many people are experiencing a sense of separation, pain, loss and anger. The evolutionary astrological perspective is to understand that this is part of the blackout, it’s all a triggering to help us understand that in reality, there is no power outside of ourselves. The power is within us, in the stillness, in the unspoilt part of us which is always powerful, special and precious. Through law of attraction, the inner transmutation & transformation (pluto, uranus) & commitment to deeper self love, we can literally watch the world around us restructure, rebuild and vibrationally reflect this back to us (Saturn)

The calling of these eclipses will be asking us to evolve in ways that are presented as fated meetings or syncronicities. Some will be fated and uncomfortable and at times, testing. For those people who have really embraced the pluto-saturn-ketu transit, there will be new beginnings and rewards which will be life changing on setting about a new and remarkable life path.

Who is this significant for?

  1. Those who have solar return (birthdays) on 23-26th december or 8-10th january will have a life changing year. It is a magnificent time where over the next 6 & 12 months, fated events occur and life will not look the same by the end of 2020.

  2. People with planets at 1-10 degrees of capricorn

  3. People with planets or cusps at 1-5 degrees of libra, capricorn, aries or cancer.

Take note of what events happen over the next month or 2 months and really notice that these are the opportunities being presented. You will know as things will have a certain ‘destined’ or ‘fated’ energy about them and there will be deep soul realisations that can sometimes even feel cathartic and sudden but as if they have been something you’ve known for many many lifetimes.

You may pick up a skill which you know inside out, as if you have done it in past lifetimes (you probably have) or even have a new fated relationship which is the relationship you’ve been longing for.

The culmination of these eclipses will be more notable around june-july at the sun opposing the eclipse point where the pennies will drop into place and the seeds that are being planted now will start to sprout.

This eclipse energy is HUGE and if you’re interested in learning in more depth about eclipses, I recommend my karmic reading, it’s my favourite and super good value! You can book it here.

Have a WONDERFUL Festive season, all my love!!!


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