Why The New Moon in Aries is Extraordinary (Especially for THESE signs)


Why The New Moon in Aries is Extraordinary

In case you didn’t notice, we are in pretty crazy times right now. To me it is no suprise that last night in the UK as the New Moon in ARIES (in the new astrological year) Bojo announced the lockdown for us all. It’s so interesting becase the new astrological year and it’s themes are really setting the tone for what is to come.

So my priority as an astrologer and an advocate for people’s growth and expansion is to use the current shit show of crisis to actually find the windows of opportunity to find greater love and wisdom. What I do know is that we get very stuck if we live in the problem and resist the fated events that our out of our control. If we live in the solution, we have a lot of power and actually it makes us less vulnerable to being controlled and fearmongered.

Us astrologers have been saying for a while that 2020 would be the year where everything changed. Those of you who have followed me for a while know this. Without scaremongering you, this year is the year that shifts us and moves us into the new paradigm.

If you missed my latest podcast last week on the insane astrological movements over the remained of march, I invte you to have a listen here.

So, why is this new moon SO piviotal?

Well, we have had an astrological underbelly of tension (I mention in more detail in the podcast) playing out for a while whilst all the crazy stuff has been happening there has been a loading of intensity (a square) between Chiron, Black Moon Liith & the nodes at 4 degrees ARIES (where the new moon is EXACT TODAY). WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Well, let me break these archetypes down.

Aries – Ruled by mars. Mars is in capricorn in the place of government, restriction, authority, society, limitation and so on. Mars is always when things are TRIGGERED in astrology. So here we are at another TRIGGER moment to do with initiations (aries) by the government (saturn) due to crisis and disease (pluto) that cannot be controlled (mercury and neptune in pisces)

Chrion – The wounded healer. Think of the NHS staff stepping up now as healers, with their own maybe not so perfect health. Tired, overworked and now being asked to step up as the hero (aries).

Black Moon Lilith – The primal scream and deep wounded wild feminine. Like the deep wounding of mama earth. This is the most primal, survival, powerful feminine version of pluto. Powerful and deep. To me it’s the scream and cry of all the feminine energy including mama earth.

The Lunar Nodes – These are portals that are always related to FATED events that happen very much out of our control and out of the blue. BIG turning points in humanity. South node means LOSS, DISILLUSION and THINGS BEING TAKEN AWAY OUT OF OUR CONTROL (this is in capricorn right now – which represents government, big business, control) . The NORTH node is in cancer which is where we are being asked to move towards to experience greater love and wisdom. Cancer is the mother, nuruturer, the home, staying in, emotional empathy, caring and such.

Can you see why these themes and archetypes match up?


The new moon in the new year is really about locking in an energy (at least for a month) and those themes become the themes we are going to be working through both personally and collectively. In addition, we have mars conjuncting pluto as the other energetic signature to put in the cooking pot. This is basically a triggering of fate, loss, destruction BUT also a triggering of deep sense of power and the ability to find a deep spiritual connection to a greater source of love and wisdom through LETTING GO and SURRENDERING to all we cannot know or control right now.

This is so HUGE. These things in society right now are not just about the corona and all the other stuff people are throwing around. They are about an opportunity to step up and examine who you are when you cannot distract yourself with work and everything feels outside of your control. It’s a calling also to examine your relationship with fear. It’s a fated time to let go and trust in the will of god and actually take the most loving choice moment to moment.

Whether it’s being caught in a crisis or whether it’s simply the annoyance of being stuck at home, the themes arising for you right now are part of your spiritual training. You have the choice to continue with the same patterns and behaviours OR you have the choice to slow down enough to see yourself without the illusions, veils, distractions. Me included! We all have those blind spots we can begin to work WITH.

The lesson is collective and PERSONALLY the signs who will feel it the most are Libra, Cancer, Capricorn and Aries and Scorpio and anyone between the ages of 28-31 (roughly). This is just HUGE.

As fear and uncertainty become commonplace in our life, we can use them to develop our relationship with fear. It is something that is essential to human life, but so often misunderstood. We resist our fear, and yet, it teaches us so much if only we listen. In our fear, we discover what we need, what we want, what we value, what we hold dear. If we ignore fear, it manifests as anxiety, stress, depression, limiting beliefs and behaviours and so much more.

I love to coach people through fear as for me it was something that LITERALLY ruined my life for so long, until I learnt now to embrace fear as a teacher and dear friend.

You have everything you need to navigate this like a QUEEN. If you are feeling like you need guidance and feeling particularly lost, you’re struggling and want to have some direct answers, you can book a personal reading with me. This is the fast track way to getting some real, practical support and I promise you it’s super helpful.

So the opportunity for us right now is to step up as our biggest advocates and ask ourself where it is we are still limiting ourselves, holding in emotions, fear, hiding away for sake of being small and where is it we are not letting go to the power of the unknown.

It’s a big one, and this new moon is giving you a clean slate like no other! It just may not look how you want it to yet, but this is your chance as the major shareholder of your own life to create a new story.

I am in awe of Cassie’s talent, and struck by the level of accuracy and detail given during my in-depth astrology reading. The way Cassie read my chart with such insight, reflection, intuition, understanding and kindness was impressive. What can often feel conflicting and confusing in my head, Cassie was able to articulate in a way which was reassuring, made sense and made me feel reinvigorated for what the next chapter has in store. I have nothing but respect for what Cassie does and cannot recommend her enough
— Rachel, Booked In Depth Reading

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