Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 10 January 2020 – Enlightenment or Extinction? (Forecast for All 12 Signs)


Lunar Eclipse 10 January 2020 & Pluto/Saturn Exact Conjunction

The Culmination Point – Evolution or Extinction

This is a huge week astrologyically! All astrologers (including me) have been raving about the huge energy shift happening in 2020 with pluto and saturn meeting in the sky with mercury and sun and ceres, finally exact, in Capricorn, just 2 days after the lunar eclipse. To speed things up and bring more electric transformational energy to the table, Uranus also goes direct. Buckle your seat belts, everyone!

Due to all these astrological bodies playing out, this is set to be another catalytic point in astrology which will send us deeper into the 2020 shift.

On a collective level and personal level we are seeing a huge culmination point where the partiarchal structures that have been the backbone of our system for the last 500 years start to collapse. For many people they are seeing in their personal lives where they can simply no longer hold onto the old structures any longer. We are being asked to actively participate in life by starting to surrender our fears, control and need to hold on to the old in order to now step into creating and manifesting the new world and how we want it to be.

If you want to understand more about these energies that have been playing out for the last 12 months, head to my older blog posts where you can read more comprehensively about these karmic endings, eclipses and huge shifts.

The star of the show this week, for me, is the lunar eclipse which finally ends this eclipse season we have been in alongside uranus going direct.

A full moon eclipse is a culmination point where things can come to a head. The sun opposes the moon and there is strong tension. For many this energy alongside mercury, sun, pluto and saturn conjunct is simply so very intense as the archetype of capricorn is heavy, dense, limiting and brings fear and opposing the moon in cancer it only heightens the emotions more.

If you have a stellium (many planets) in capricorn natally, you are likely used to this intense capricorn energy, but for some, this is simply something they are not used to and at some area in life this can bring a really strong and dense difficult energy. There is in essence and opposition of the need to move into cancer archetype, comfort, safety, stillness, nurture and nourishing vs the capricorn coldness, government, heirarchy, fear, control and limitation. The moon is also here in cancer, bringing heightened emotions, sensitivity and moodiness for the collective. We need to find time and space to nurture and be kind to ourselves amidst this big transformation that is happening.

Globally, we may experience a crackdown on any freedom of speech, austerity increases, lies from politicians and the like. There is a divide forming between the yang (masculine) archetypes and yin (feminine) archetypes where we are going to want to escape into the feminine.

Helping us out is neptune in pisces, which will be in a trinal relationship with this full moon. This will help us out because pisces and neptune represent the sea of collective consciousness where we can choose to transcend and affect the collective through our own meditation, yoga and healing powers. A simple meditation we can do will be shared at the bottom of this post.

We can experience fated events and culmination points, especially where we have natal planets at 10 – 20 degrees of capricorn, libra, aries or cancer. Those with these placements will not be able to ignore this energy, but the build has been happening over the last 2 years in truth, so there is nothing new and surprising however things may simply slip away.

With pluto, saturn and south node, the harder we try to hold on, the more discomfort we experience as pluto shows us where we simply have no power. We have no choice but to surrender and allow the alchemical changes to happen throughout the collective source consciousness. We, as humanity, are part of source consciousness, and therefore we will experience this in our energetic frequencies. Here we have a huge opportunity to move into the power of the mind and meditation, with neptune in pisces, and use this to create a vibrational shift within ourselves and in the world.

Many studies have proved the efficacy of meditation for world peace. My favourite is where a group of meditators in New York proved that meditation would reduce crime. Another powerful example is Dr Masaru Emoto’s work in Messages From Water. Now is a time where we can use the power of intention and positive thought to affect the world, instead of thinking we are powerless, we can acknowledge the power witihin.

It is time for us to focus on what we want to create in the new world, personally and collectively, rather than move into fear. Saturn likes to bring fear within us, but courage cannot exist without fear, so we have to have the courage to move into a greater frequency of love and understand that the polarities and splitting in human consciousness is only an outer manifestation of the inner fragmentation and splitting within our own selves. In order to change the world, we can look inwards to deeper healing and integration and therefore change the outward reality. This is our greatest power, and the politics, chaos and such will make us forget this if we lean into the drama. Slowing down, gaining perspective and looking inwards is where we can assist in the transmutaiton and transformation of source.

So let’s see how this will affect all 12 signs (this energy will last around 6 months). Please look at your rising sign, as this is critical and if you look for your sun sign (although it may slightly resonate, it is very unlikely it will). Using a website such as astro.com will help you to find out your rising sign.

Aries Rising

For Aries rising the eclipse is happening in your 10th house and 4th house. 10th house is career, public image and legacy. 4th house is home, mother, family roots, place of living, hidden emotions and property. You also have uranus moving direct in the 2nd house of money, sustainence and resources. It is very likely now that you are being asked to let go of any old structure to do with the career that no longer serve you. There may be a fated event happening regarding the career, and old skill from a past life returning for example. There is a deep need to move into the home and nurture here and notice any synchronicities taking place right now regarding career opportunities or property opportunities. Uranus moving direct in the 2nd house suggest some transformation, financially, from the career. With uranus transiting the 2nd house it is wise to save any money that comes in.

Taurus Rising

This is happening in your 9th house (capricorn) and 3rd house (cancer). The 9th house is foreign lands, religion, occult, spirituality, esoteric studies, gurus and higher learning such as university or phd or spouses siblings. The 3rd house is siblings, short travel, small business and communication. Uranus is moving direct in your 1st house. Expect fated events and deep releasing of old structures to do with travel, higher learning or even to do with a spouse’s siblings. There may be a need to let go of an old belief system that has kept you trapped which has been inhereted through the family lineage. Focus more on spending time with siblings, nuruturing them, enjoying some comforting food with them, close friends. With uranus in the 1st house there can be huge changes in relationships, self image and in the body. I often see a lot fo crazy image changes when uranus is in the 1st! Be particularly careful of the nervous system at this time, use herbs such as ashwaganda and relaxing grounding practices like yin yoga or swimming. Get into nature if possible and beware of accidents, especially when travelling.

Gemini Rising

For Gemini Rising this is happening in 8th house (Capricorn) and 2nd house (Cancer). Uranus is transiting and turning direct in your 12th house. There is some need to let go of any old inherited family psychological patterns, sexual shame, any inheritance that you may have missed out on or has been delayed can come in now or the need to let go of it is now, any inherited family illness may finally be released, there could have been some limitation or changes in the spouse’s finance which requires you to be more financially self sufficient. Move towards good food, self nuture and focusing on how you can nurture yourself more with your resources. Any old destructive addictions/habits which have been born out of sadness and grief or loss must be purged now, with uranus going direct in the 12th this is perfect opportunity for it. 8th house is sometimes linked to esoteric healing and such, and often linked with transformation in a scorpio way. If there has been some lack of willingness to investigate things like reiki, tantra, tarot, shamanic healing or psychotherapy, now is an extremely powerful time to initiate this.
Also it is a good time to bring about latent or past life spiritual gifts that have laid dormant to create a new financial income stream.

Cancer Rising

For cancer rising, this is happening in your 7th house (capricorn) and 1st house (cancer). Uranus moves direct in your 11th house. The 7th house is partnerships of any nature, particularly business or spouse/long term partner. The 1st house is self & body. The 11th house is organizations, friends and gains from the career.

There is a need to purge and old limitations or structures or habit patterns that are not condusive to a partnership, business or romantic. Anything that you need to do to create a stronger more stable foundation is imperative now. This may just be a big thing in term’s of the spouse’s health, but things cannot continue as they were. Moving towards counselling, therapy and spending time together getting to know one another is key. See the other person through the eyes of love and try to understand them, as you would love to be understood yourself. Boundaries can be a fun way of having them and having you to and creating love for you both. Have a look at my awesome relationship hack.

Uranus going direct in 11th house means a sudden revival of old friendships, new odd relationships and gains from the career can be up and down. Be mindful to invest and gains that come through the career due to uranus being unpredictable. There can be some sudden changes in the spouse’s children and ups and downs or even for you, be mindful of using sexual protection if you do not want a child! Simply the spouse can find a strange new hobby and get more into it now!

Leo Rising

For leo rising this is happening in your 12th (cancer ) and 6th houses (capricorn). Uranus moves direct in your 10th house. Expect random new changes in your career, you may take your career online or do something very uranian. There may simple be a new relationship come in through the career or a business partner that can enhance the career in some way. Be very careful here to make and hasty career decisions. The public image can be very up and down, which as a leo can be difficult emotionally, so be mindful not to put your foot in your mouth at this time as it can cause you to be outlawed due to your public image.

Move towards meditation, far away travel or even book a retreat now as you have been going through some huge changes with career, daily routines, small pets and health routines so it is important to balance hard work with relaxation and withdrawal (12th house). 6 th house stuff can tend to swallow all our energy so be mindful not to loose to much energy. Depending on the condition of the 6th house, there can be enemies cause your public image to be altered in some way or some debtors arrise.

Virgo Rising

For virgo rising this is happening in 5th house (Capricorn) and cancer (11th house). Uranus moves direct int he 9th house. Expect some sudden desires to travel, plans to travel that may expand your friendships and networks. You may wish to learn a new spirutal hobby or go into magic, occult, spirituality and even find a new course of study that you had not yet thought about, like astrology! There are some things that need to be let go of and old structures which must be released regarding your children and perhaps or even a need to focus more on the spouse’s children, should you have separate children. There can be a time of deep healing for the inner child or even a need to let go of old hobbies to make way for new ones. Explore new organizations and networks of people or simple connect with friends.

Libra Rising

For libra rising this is happening in the 4th house (Capricorn) and 10th house (Cancer). Uranus moves direct in the 8th house.

There is some deep restructuring and changes in the family roots, propertes, home and family lineage. Everything here will have been going through a restructure which may have felt very difficult at the time, the 4th house is literally the backbone and belly of the chart and often of our emotional grounding and security. Move towards the career at this time and the public image. Through the recent events in the family, roots and lineage you can use these experiences to create a legacy in the world which helps other’s to transform in the same way as you nurture them to walk through their own challenges. Uranus in the 8th house will be sudden changes sexually, to do with inheritance, there may be a windfall in the spouse’s money or inheritance come in. Be mindful of any family inherited illnesses that can come to a culmination point right now. Ride the wave.

Scorpio Rising

For scorpio rising this energy is playing out in the 3rd house (Capricorn) and 9th house (Cancer). Uranus is going direct in the 7th house of relationships. Fated events now are occuring in the 9th house of higher belief systems, travel to foreign lands, gurus and even the siblings of the spouse. It is a wonderful time for letting go of old limited structures regarding communication, local neighbourhoods, close friends, siblings and such. Perhaps there is a deeper sense of intimacy that can be gained through letting go of limitation in relationships with siblings and close friends. It is a time you may move into media or publishing also. Let go of any fear about communicating your truth.

Uranus in the 7th house moving direct can mean a sudden new business partnership or relationship change. There can be an electrifying new love or just lots of exciting transformation in business or romantic relationships at this time. Be prepared for anything!

Saggitarius Rising

For Saggis this is happening in the 8th house (cancer) and 2nd house (Capricorn). Uranus moves direct in the 6th house. The 8th house may bring a windfall of inheritance, spouse’s money, tax rebate or debt changes. It can be the there can be some changes in the family lineage or inherited diseases. It is a great time to explore intimacy and nurture from the spouse or even explore more into the realm of tantra and sex in order to manifest more resources (2nd house). Letting go of old limiting structures around how you earn money, self worth and abundance mindset is critical right now but can feel very scary to let go of everything we have inhereted about how we should earn money. The way society is run can sometime’s make us go down a path of fear and overworking in order to create abundance when the truth is that this is simply not necessary. With uranus moving direct in the 6th this can show a sudden change in daily habits and routines, the career path, small pets or even career stuff, but this is actually positive in helping you create new daily habit patterns to gain resources. There is a possibility that in the children’s finances they could be up and down so saving their money when they can is a wise step here. Be mindful of your health here and take plenty of rest. Be conscious of outstanding debts, these must be repayed now. There could be some internet trolls or random messages coming from enemies here, or perhaps fights with children. Just keep steady and calm where possible.

Capricorn Rising

For capricorn rising, this is huge. You have been feeling this likely the last 2 years! This is playing out in the 1st house of self and the 7th house of romantic or business partnership (cancer). There has been a huge letting go in any old limiting structures generally in your whole life. Right now it is likely there has been so much heaviness and limitation and perhaps even a deep tiredness and fatigue that has set in for a while. When saturn and pluto come into the house of self it is usually very life changing and limiting. Spend time with siblings, with close friends but also spend some time doing anything creative that will allow you to express yourself. You can curl up with your partner and if you have been going through testing times, you can still come into a deeper closeness through simply being together. You could perhaps try a meditation or date night together! Expect some surprises in romance (if you get out there!!) and even some new technical hobbies or even astrological hobbies come to the forefront now. If you are a gambler or love to have a good time, sexually or dating, this can speed up and get a bit hectic now. Be mindful not to escape into pleasure senses that do not nurture you and are actually escape mechanisms.

Aquarius Rising

For Aquarius Rising this is happening in your 12tth house (capricorn) and 6th house (Cancer). Uranus moves direct in your 4th house. If you have been waiting for a house move to happen or you have been having lots of internal thoughts about the living space, property, issues with the mother, roots or family traditions or even the emotional securities within your mind there should be some speeding up and sudden breakthoughs in this area.

Right now is an imperative time that you cultivate nurturing daily rituals which keep you stable and emotionally steady. You may move into a more nurturing job now, spend time with small pets and simply spend time with a steady, nourishin routine. There are BIG things happening psychologically in your unconscious, both fear, depression and limitation can come along as well as control issues. This is the most basic and low vibrational energy that you may have been granted in the last few years, however, it is now time for you to perhaps seek therapeutic help if you have not all ready. You are literally moving through an unconscious transmutation and restructuring, which if you are holding onto anything within the unconscious (which is likely for us all) it can be a challenge to move into the new. This is a really challenging transit which you must have courage to lean into and embrace as an opportunity for a rebirth and seek help, where appropriate, rather than hiding in the shadows and falling into depression, apathy, complacency and fear.

Pisces Rising

Finally for pisces rising this is playing out in your 11th house (Capricorn) and 5th house (cancer). Uranus moves direct in your 3rd house. Any changes with the siblings, short term travel or even the partners spirutual belief system can occur now. There can be a massive speeding up in terms of your communication, travelling around locally a lot more or just some surprising gossip. Be mindful not to get caught up in useless gossip.

You have been going through a huge change in your friendships in the last 2 years where you have simply had no choice but to let go of relationships with extended networks of people, organizations you belong to but also any old stagnant and burdening friendships. You may have met some friends who cause a transformation within you. Instead of pushing them away as being triggering, which can happen with new connections who test our limitations, see where you can lean in and be curious about what they have to teach you. Now is a wonderful time to spend time creatively nurturing yourself with good music, friendship, going out, romantic dates or even spending time with children. Try to make sure you are not escaping, as this can be a piscean tendency. Use your piscean talents to connect, meditate and affect the world with the power of your compassion.

Simple Meditation for World Peace

  1. Close the eyes and take a few deep breaths

  2. Lean into the sensation of breathing and simple observe

  3. Start to visualise a radiant, soft, glowing white or pink light eminating from the centre of your being (for some it’s the energetic heart space, others the solar plexus).

  4. Bathe yourself in the light and allow it to glow. It is a light of pure love and bliss.

  5. Allow this light to spread outwardly past your house, the streets, the town, the country, the world and imagine the whole globe and all of humanity bathed in this white light of peace and bliss and love for at least 5 minutes. 10 or longer is even better.

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