Astrology Foundations – The 12 Houses In Astrology

In astrology, there are so many many things that we can interpret and look at. Whether we are an avid astrologer or beginner, it is important to remember that there is ALWAYS more depth and more to learn. So please, don’t worry at the beginning of astrology that it’s all a bit much. I actually find myself returning to the basics, over and over again. As my guru says, ‘The wise never tire of hearing the truth’.

In essence, this article is here to help you understand the very basics of the HOUSES in astrology. If you haven’t read my previous 2 articles on the ruler’s of charts, the houses are explained here a little. But I will go over it briefly again.

Once you access your birth chart, via you will get an astrology chart. It is REALLY important that oyu get your time of birth exact as possible, because this affects houses. Houses are pretty integral when it comes to getting into the accuracy.

It is worth mentioning that I use a blend of western astrology, evolutionary astrology and some vedic techniques all together, so if another astrological style resonates with you more, then you go for that!

Your astrology chart will look like a big circle, with slices of a pizza.

There are 12 pizza slices, all numbered 1 – 12 anticlockwise.

Your chart will follow this structure. The houses may alter in size, for example, some big, some small. (Presuming you are not using whole sign system)

Your chart will follow this structure. The houses may alter in size, for example, some big, some small. (Presuming you are not using whole sign system)

What does each house represent?

Each house represents areas of your life. So, without over complicating it, lets get into the very basics of what each house represents.

The First House – The house of the self

Traditionally ARIES & ruled by MARS.

Also known as the ascendent or rising, the first house is who we are instinctually. We are not always instincually aware of ourself. For example, a baby only becomes aware of itself and body through outer experience, such as: baby touches hot stove, hand moves instinctually away, then baby understands afterwards stove is hot and what that means for the baby itself. In other words, our ascendent is the core soul essence who you develop into and often discover you are. Many astrologers say this is who we project out into the world, but this is not often so, and the evolutionary astrology view is that we actually project outwardly our 7TH house archetype. In other words, a scorpio rising (scorpio ruling 1st house of self) actually appears outwardly cool and calm like the TAURUS archetype (which would be a scorpio ascendent’s 7th house).

If this is enough information for now, stop here and just get to grips with this. If you want to know a little more, read on.

What is important is to remember that 1st house is instincts, firsts, the body appearance, the body itself generally. The colour of the first house can be enhanced by noticing where ARIES is in the chart and where MARS is.

For example, if your first house is scorpio then there are scorpio traits. If your Mars is in the 3rd house of communication, you will be instinctually very communicative and a teacher type (3rd house). If aries rules your 5th house you would bring in also 5th house qualities such as creativity, playful, loyal childlike. So in order to understand the 1st house, you can BLEND the first house, aries ruled house and where mars is to create a more complex picture.

The Second House – The house of values, possessions and money

The second house is where we see values, self worth, possessions and money. It often reflects our inner value system then this naturally through law of attraction will manifest outwardly, hence why it is often related to money and possessions.

We can apply the same method as before to the 2nd house. Adding colour through locating TAURUS, and VENUS. We would also blend the energy of the archetype ruling the 2nd house, of course. For example if Saggitarius rules the 2nd house, we would bring saggitarian qualities to this area of life. For this, please check out my other archetypes or videos all about the different astrological archetypes.

The Third House – Communication, Siblings, School, Local community, Short distance travel, Teaching & Learning

You can see that third house rules a lot!!! There is a lot of things that we can see here in the third house from again looking to the astrological archetypes ruling the house, locating gemini and mercury in the chart.

The Fourth House – Childhood, home, mother, childhood conditioning, emotional needs, real estate

Ruled traditionally by Cancer and the moon traditionally, so we can colour this house with cancer and the moon.

The Fifth House – Creativity, Sexual Nature, Romance, Ancient Texts, Pleasure, Luck

Ruled traditionally by Leo and the Sun. Colour this house with locating the sun, leo archetype and also the archetype governing this house.

The Sixth House – Health, Daily Routine, Service, Habits, Lifestyle, Small Animals (Pets), Hidden Enemies

Traditionally ruled by Virgo and Mercury. Colour this house by locating Virgo and mercury and the archetype governing this house.

The Seventh House – The house of partnership, business, marriage, any 121 relationships

Traditionally Ruled by Libra and Venus.

The Eighth House – The house of transformations, mystery, the occult, emotional destruction, abandonment, betrayal, the underworld …

Traditionally ruled by scorpio and mars/pluto.

The eighth house is somewhat misunderstood in astrology. Admitted, I spend hours trying to understand this house. According to AstroStyle, the house rules “death, regeneration, taxes, inheritances, wills & legacies, sex … latent occult ability, joint resources … bankruptcy, losses, personal sacrifices, alimony, clairvoyance.” So yeah, pretty much anything!!! It is about endings mainly, but also, what they BRING. It is a scorpionic house and anything here brings an invitation for a new beginning. People with strong 8th house energy often discover that their whole life is about death and rebirth and it is something that only those who have this energy can really understand as they do the work of their chart. I can vouch for this… it’s a rollercoaster but a blessing.

The Ninth House – Foreign courties, long distance travel, other cultures, other languages, higher learning, philosophy, big ideas, core belief systems, expansion of higher knowledge, publishing and gurus/mentors.

Traditionally ruled by Saggitarius and Jupiter.

The Tenth House – Public Image, Career, Life Path, Social Status, Legacy, Fame and Father

Traditionally ruled by capricorn and saturn.

The Eleventh House – Friends, Networks, Extended Family, Internet online communities, Gains, Losses, Humanity and our contribution

A lot of our tenth house informs how the 11th house plays out, so definitely look here for more colour as well as Uranus & Aquarius in the chart, which traditionally rule this house.

The Twelfth House – The mystical house, Secrets, Unconscious, Subconscious, Collective Unconscious, Karma, Dreams, Past Life Experiences, Soul evolution, trauma, surrendering, endings

The twelfth house is ultimately the end of our chart where we go and disappear before we come into human form again. The twelfth house lies directly within our mind, it is somewhat invisible, non existent and hidden. Heavy stuff. Essentially, it is a house that has our deep, unconscious stuff. Any heavy 12th house placements are remedied with any sort of psychotherapy, unconscious healing work and the like. This is because if we do not face our unconscious it will continue to play out in reality, through the law of attraction. Very often this house is a difficult one to grasp and is heavily coloured by planets placed there, looking to neptune, the traditional ruler and what archetype is governing the 12th house.

So i know this is super basic but just understanding houses alone is a great place to start. Don’t even worry about the extras if it doesnt make sense!!

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