The Big Shot Ruler of Your Astrological Chart – Part 1

As I learnt astrology, there were many times that I thought to myself, “Why if i have the same planetary aspects to someone else, does it come out so different for me?”. Granted, there is SO much more to astrology than just aspects, but when I discovered that my ruling planets were Pluto, mars and Saturn… it became so much more apparent why my life was one of intense growth and hard work. Once I knew this, I guess it was kind of an affirmation that this is how it is supposed to be but also how much the potential for transformation, healing and reward was from the challenges that came up for me.
Anyway, enough about me!

There are 3 massively important things when looking at your astrology (IMO) that can really help you tie the theme of your astrological birth energy together. In Part 1 I am going to focus on the ruling planet of your chart.

First things first, you need to know your ascendant sign (also known as rising sign). In astrology, this is crucial for the trajectory of your whole natal chart. This might sound like I am speaking another language – so – if you do not know your rising sign, you can calculate it here at > free horoscopes > natal chart, ascendant. You will need to add your birth time, date, place. The birth time is really important. I had to go through my dead mother’s hospital records to get mine, but it’s so key!

Once you have calculate your birth chart you will get an ascendent sign – this is what we are looking at in part one.

astro sign symbol.jpg

If you do not know the astrological symbols, this can be difficult, so here is a chart for you to correlate the astrological symbols to the signs. Your ascendant is the thick line that starts at the left of your pie chart. Where that thick line hits will correspond with one of these symbols. This signifies your rising sign. (See below example)

Here is an example

Screenshot 2019-08-02 at 11.01.35.png

Take some time to establish what your AC (ascendant) is.

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Each sign has a different ruling planet. Here is a list of signs and their rulers –

* Aries – Ruled by MARS

* Taurus – Ruled by VENUS

* Gemini – Ruled by MERCRY

* Cancer – Ruled by the MOON

* Leo – Ruled by the SUN

* Virgo – Ruled by MERCURY

* Libra – Ruled by VENUS

* Scorpio – Ruled by PLUTO (& Mars)

* Saggitarius – Ruled by JUPITER

* Capricorn – Ruled by SATURN

>* Aquarius – Ruled by URANUS (& Saturn)

* Pisces – Ruled by NEPTUNE(& Jupiter)

Once you know your ascendent, ascendent sign and ruling planet then go on to read about the qualities of these below. Please remember astrology is not one isolated feature of your chart BUT a combination of all the features and variables in a big melting pot. Nevertheless, once we understand the tiny part of the jigsaw, the whole astrological picture begins to come together!

If you are more advanced, you can go ahead to see where you ruling planet is in your chart (what house your ruling planet is). From my example above, you will see that my ruling planet of PLUTO is in my 12th HOUSE. For me this will tell me even more about the nature of my ruling planet and the important big boy energies in this life.


Aries AC – MARS as your chart ruler

Mars is naturally the ruler of the 1st house of aries, so this is a great placement generally for a chart ruler. However, Mars is.driven, masculine, forceful planet so if you are not careful you can tend to have quite a charged energy towards most things in life. Whether your actions out in the world are hard and aggressive, or mentally you are this way, there tends to be a feature of masculine, driven intrinsic in your energetic makeup.

Aries AC people are not necessarily in-your-face bombastic; it is more a low key, go out there, get shit done mentality. With mars as a chart ruler, generally you will have a lot of energy and everyone tends to feel it. As

Mars is all fire, generally aries AC can literally run on a hotter temperature to others, be quite fiery, prone to burning up, inflammation, rashes, itchiness and tend to be balanced well in cooler environments.

Mars is passion and drive, but also eruptions and anger, so these people can come across angry or have a tendency to go off on one but sometimes this is just pure passion and drive. Depending where Mars is placed in the person’s natal chart will bring more colour to the chart ruler and how it functions for that individual person.

Key words for mars – warror, fighter, passionate, fiery, war, driven, desire, action, masculinity, forward moving, aggression, sex, courage, power

Taurus AC – Venus as Chart Ruler

With venus as the chart ruler, these people tend to be very beautiful & graceful and enjoy a world where life is harmonious and full of beauty, pleasure and love. Life for the taurus ascendent is about trying to seek comfort both materiually and emotionally, pleasure, love and harmony. These people tend to have a calm, stable aura and are dependable. At time the venus ruled human needs to be mindful of stubbornness, staying too much in the comfort zone and be mindful of overindulgence or laziness (not always true, but generally speaking… my sister springs to mind!! HAHA sorry sis!) But what they lack in sponteneity and forward driving force, these people make up for in dependability and sturdiness. These people do not like flighty, superficialy individuals so much as they can tend to feel ungrounded and an aggressive person will really turn them off.

Although these people tend to have a cool calm exerior, they tend to keep emotions and private life private but if provoked enough times will rage like the taurian bull that they are. Do not push a taurus or they may never forgive you.

Generally with these people, life is to be comfortable, financially secure, stable and steady. Moving forward and maybe taking risky moves can be rewarded for these signs. Just be mindful of overindulging, overspending as this will then make you feel ungrounded because you need security to feel well. Be mindful of being too posessive & staying complacent.

Use your venutian talents to excel in art, music, fashion, beauty, landscaping, floristy, gardening, cooking, dating coach and so much more.

Key words for TAURUS AC – stable, nuturing, calm, placid, stubborn, lazy, need comfort, foodie, luxurious, nature loving, earth mother, motherly, artistic, cooking, dependable, beautiful, gracious.

Gemini AC – Mercury as Chart Ruler

Now with mercury as chart ruler in Gemini this is a very different feel to virgo. In Gemini, mercury tends to be scattered, changing, flighty thinking and basically… a bit airy. This can be FANTASTIC in the right context, but i know many gemini ascendents (my brother cough cough) whose attention span is all over the place. This, of course, is generally altered by many other aspects in the chart, as gemini is mutable (meaning its qualities can be diminshed by other things in that chart quite easily). Air signs, like gemini, love to get around and circulate. For gemini ascendant, generally, life is about breathing fresh air into life wherever you go.

The gemini AC is adaptable, chaging and mobile in nature. Many people say geminis are gossips, fake or two faced (lol) but honestly, I think in reality, gemini AC has the thought process ‘ok, in this situation, this is who i can be and this is what I can do’, because they CAN be that adaptable & changable.

These signs can be here one minute, then gone the next. They are mobily and airy, as I said, but they excel in communication. They are like a radio, even if you turn them off, they are still going on and on and on until you turn them on again. They tend to never stop bouncing around, mentally and physically.

I once worked with a boss with strong gemini, and honestly, it was HORRENDOUS for my mars in taurus, scorpio AC, capricornian heavy energy… but on the whole the gemini is misunderstood and their adaptability and mobility can be their biggest gifts. These people simply must use their brain and intellect.

Key words for GEMINI AC – mobily, airy, chatty, intrigued, curious, scatty, short attention span, diverse, adaptable, intellegent, communicative, changable, cunning, unpredictable, easily bored, evasive, restless, animated, cerebral.

CANCER AC – Moon as chart ruler

Oh sweet, sweet cancerians. You are ruled by the moon so you are super intuitive, motherly, sensitive and in tune with nature. Natural empaths, the cancer AC person tends to be very familiar to others, but this is because you adapt to the environment around you and have the sensitivity to adapt to others around you. The challenge for these people is to learn how to become empaths in a world full of all sorts of crazy energies outside of your control. You may come accross calm and collected but really, you are naturally emotionally changing and volatile signs.

These people resonate with the mother archetype. Naturally, because you are so intune, you tend to emotionally feel inwardly what is going on around you outwardly. Without awareness and mastery of this trait, this can leave you feeling super depressed, down and isolated. Cancer AC people tend to do well in homely, supportive, nurturing and stable environments. Your soul resonates strongly with the moon, thus studying the moon can really help you.

Key words for cancer AC – nurturing, mother, withdrawn, introverted, empathic, highly sensitive, emotional, stable, gentle, emotional, homeley, introvert.

Leo AC – Chart ruler is the SUN

Leo ascendents are the type of person who walks into the room and without needing to open their mouths, their regal, sunshine, king-like energy really makes them stand out. These people have a generally regal demeanour, lavish appearance, almost like a golden aura. The leo AC person needs to be careful of thinking the whole world revolves around them … as in.. not everything is personal to you.

Where the sun is placed is crucial for leo AC, because this signifies where the soul wants to excel and shine. Leo AC wants to shine brighter and brighter through life through self realization, so where the sun is placed can give big clue as to where this is. Yes, the leo AC can be noticably loud, out there but even the introverted leo AC will have a soul need to excel and shine in this lifetime.

Even if the leo AC does have hangups, the face they show the world will be their best one, and they are always putting their best foot forward. Even if this sign is letting it all hang out, they are still likely to be real and really want to positivity just be themselves, in their best essence.

Leo AC are all about from the heart, so even if this can appear brash and bolshy, these people generally want to love and be loved but not at the expense of their ego and identity.

Key words for leo AC – regal, dramatic, charismatic, shiny, extrovert, sociable, loud, couragous, strong willed, loyal, clever, fearless, heart-led, loving, generous, confident

<h2″>Virgo AC – Chart ruler is Mercury

Unlike Gemini AC, where mercury also rules, Virgo AC is a very different kettle of fish. Mercury in the earthy virgo sign is a lot more grounded, almost like the virgo AC has a real, earthy way about their mental intelligence, practicailty and puts it to good use. Gemini AC tends to stay in the mind (air sign) whereas mercury in virgo is moving this into the real world. Virgo AC people are very intelligent but their mental energy can be their demise leading to perfectionism, being highly self critical, overly short and to the point in communication and coming across cold and unfeeling.

For virgo AC, practicaility and organisation help them to make sense of their world. Their thought processes are very logical, and sometimes they have a resting face looking very disinterested but this is because, logically, they are making sense of everything in their minds. For virgo AC – look to the house where mercury is placed to make more sense of this mercury chart ruler.

Key words for virgo AC – intellegent, practical, organized, critical, perfectionist, detailed, modest, honest, analytical, hard working

Libra AC – Venus as chart ruler

Libra, like taurus, has venus as chart ruler. However, libra is an air sign so it’s a little different to taurus AC. They have a similar venutian demeanour to tauru ac but perhaps a bit more elegant and charming. They are generally gracious in the face with a charming smile. These people can be very charming indeed! They have a love for anything fine, art, culture, music, elegant surroundings. These people are turned off by foul language, aggressive nature, confrontation. They prefer a more eloquent way of speaking and can even say very little but actually say a lot by saying not very much!

These people have a sweet image and will not be seen out in public looking like a mess, they are always generally well put together and have a class style. They are natural dimplomats and try to see the world through a lense of balance and harmony. They like to make sense of life through the nature of balance, giving and receiving, relationships and personal integrity.

Key words – Finding the middle ground, balance, harmony, integrity, charm, cultured, appreciate the finer things, art, elegance, music, modest, thoughtful, impartial

SCORPIO AC – Pluto as Chart Ruler

And then there was scorpio. You will know a scorpio AC because they will have a natural magnetism, sexuality and allure to them. Pluto as your chart ruler you are not on this planet to simple sit back and relax, you are here for transformation, rebirth and to get to the very roots. Pluto is the underworld, it symbolises everything destruction, taboo, underground, transformative, unconscious. The thing is, you have to work WITH this transformative energy and harness it, rather than fight it. Pluto will appreciate if you work WITH it, and with this power comes great responsibility.

The pluto ruled person can become one of the greatest healers on the planet, but only if they learn to turn their ‘mess’ into their ‘message’. Scorpio AC people can feel like thier life is a cycle of death, underworld, transformation and rebirth because quite frankly, it probably is. For these people they are driven, powerful and have extreme capacities for hard work in any given area. Formidable in nature, if pluto is your chart ruler, it will do you well to look at where it is placed to really get more grasp into this life and your souls growth points.

Key words for scorpio AC – formidable, passionate, driven, magnetic, alluring, intriguing, mystical, sexual, introvert, bold, inner strength, possesive, curious, deep diving, transformational, intimidating.

Saggitarius AC – Jupiter as Chart Ruler

The saggi AC humans are quite gregarious, optimistic, upbeat humans. They are pretty down-to-earth and enjoy authenticity, travel, growth, higher ideals and generally will light up any room. Jupiter is a planet without limitations so this as the chart ruler brings ideals about an endless sense of expansion, discovery and growth. For these people, life is about expansion and adventure.

These people are rarely glum and because of their positive approach, they tend to do well with any manifesting work, because they are just so welcoming of positive opportunities.

The default expression of a jupiter ac tends to be cheery and bright. Their jupiter energy tends to be powerful in uplifting those around them.

These signs must be careful of weight gain and over indulgence as they are ruled by jupiter who often expands where it touches.

Key words for saggi AC – Optimism, adventure, growth, expansion, excitement, genius, success, confident, idealistic

Capricorn AC – Saturn as Chart Ruler

These peopel are determined, hard working and are not on this planet to sit on their laurels. With saturn as your chart ruler, you simply won’t be allowed to. If you want results, Saturn says you have to work for it. These people are often dualistic in that they are capable, organised, determined and driven but on the other hand, they feel self doubt and a sense of restriction or fear about their capability. This is all likely saturn’s influence.

The thing is, saturn rewards those who show constant dedication in a very, real world way. These people appear competent and successful because quite frankly they know that what they get out is what they put in. These people do not simply fall on success, it is earnt. Wherever saturn is in their chart, tells you more about the colour of their chart and this life.

Key words for Capricorn AC – Determined, hard working, pragmatic, disciplined, self doubt, authoritative, capable, mature

Aquarius AC – Uranus as chart ruler

Freedom seeking Aquarius ascendants are most misunderstood. These people are usually eccentric, or a bit weird and often feel like they don’t fit in. Personally, I think you’re all super COOL! Uranus, your chart ruler, is all about finding the beliefs that are integral to your truth, to find and embrace the unusual, the individual. So where this sits in your chart will tell you a lot more about the colour of your uniqueness.

These people are constantly innovating, up to date with technology and are never really sit still people. They are constantly progressing, changing, evolving and upgrading to a more authentic version of themselves. Think iphone upgrades, like 1 every few days! These people can be unpredictable, even their birth may have been somewhat unpredictable. They tend to have lots of random events happen in their life that they seem to be comforable with. Indeed, do not be surprised if you grew up in a restrictive environment, for your rebellious side to come out (maybe even in a weird way!)

These people will come to a moment in their life where they have a sudden realization about why they won’t fit in with convention, authority and traditions (Saturn) and realize who they are, why they are different and from this point on they go to the beat of their own drum (Uranus) defy norms, break stereotypes and live life to their highers ideals.

Key words for Aqua AC – unique, different, brilliant minds, freedom seeking, changeable, unpredictable, avant-garde, creative

PISCES AC – Neptune as chart ruler

Your ruler neptune is illusive, shape shifting and non-linear. So naturally, pisces can be similar and as endless as the sea. These pisces AC people often have no idea who they are, and can be vague in their interactions as well. Responses such as ‘i guess’, ‘maybe’ and ‘i don’t know’ are very neptunian.

With neptune as a chart ruler, there can be a sense of being asleep your whole life. This invasive nature can be a real bugger and their dazed-dreamy look can be their signature look.

Pisceans tend to have, like Scorpio, intense eyes. The difference with these eyes is unlike Scorpios magnetic, alluring eyes, pisces have eyes that reflect your very soul back to you. Pisceans have this mirror like way of people seeing themselves through them.

These people are ruled by disillusionment and sort of other wordliness so there can be something about this regarding their entry to the world such as a drugged up mother, or alcoholic parents. Something a little bit, escapist. These signs do have to be careful of escapism and overoptimism, like as in not seeing things as they really are. They will do well to understand where their neptune falls and practice remedies to this placement.

These people have challenging childhoods and generally they will do well do to something artistic or neptunian with their life. Water related (Careful if neptune falls in the 8th house), painting, music, writing etc

Key words for pisces AC -dreamy, illusive, magical, oneness, fantasy, artistic, fogginess, victim, impressionable, adaptable, imaginative, compassionate, self sacrificing, devoted.

It is so important that we remember astrology is a whole melting pot of all the individual parts of a chart, and real synthesis of a chart takes time and examination of many factors. I recommend if you want to learn more about your astrological blueprint and how to make the most of your birth energy, to book in for a private 1-2-1 reading.
These can be done via skype or in person.
I would LOVE to help you with the power of astrology.

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