Your Hidden Soul Power & Talents in Astrology


Your Hidden Soul Power in Astrology

Something astrology is really good at is sharing your hidden powers and gifts. In shamanic astrology, which I mainly practice, there is a strong use of archetypes. This is what I’m going to open up for you today, so that you can discover at least 1 of your soul super powers. Let me tell you now, it’s not always what you think!

It’s only in the last few years that I have connected with the concepts of archetypes in general. In astrology, archetypes are really essential to my reading process because it helps you all to not only hear what I’m sharing with you, but feel it. When you are embodying a certain archetype, thats when things really change for you because you’re literally shifting your perception and approaches to life. This in turn means you are manifesting a different story for yourself because you’ve changed your beliefs & actions – which changes your vibrational frequency.

What even is an archetype? 

An archetype, also known as “universal symbol,” may be a character, a theme, a symbol, or even a setting. Many literary critics are of the opinion that archetypes – which have a common and recurring representation in a particular human culture, or entire human race – shape the structure and function of a literary work.

Carl Jung, Swiss psychologist, argued that the root of an archetype is in the “collective unconscious” of mankind. The phrase “collective unconscious” refers to experiences shared by a race or culture. Such experiences include such things as love, religion, death, birth, life, struggle, and survival. These experiences exist in the subconscious of every individual, and are re-created in literary works, or in other forms of art. (Taken from

To keep it really simple, you can simply find out what your sun sign is (This is the most commonly referred to as your ‘’starsign’) and then follow that section below. However, you’re not a 1 dimensional being, right? Astrology really is a mix of many, many layers. In astrology, it is really about timing. Not every aspect of your birthchart is being lit up at once of you’d probably explode trying to integrate all those elements of consciousness! So, you can choose any progressive part of your astrology chart (if you know it, such as sun sign, mars, AC or north node) to see what archetypes you can embody and integrate in this incarnation.

This is something I have taken from my own research and reading and from my own personal connection with the cosmos.

Aries – The Humble Warrior Goddess
The truth about aries are they are ruled by mars! Left unchecked this can be action without discernment and acting first and thinking last. The power of aries is independence and lone wolf, but in order to really create change in your life, you can embrace that energy and remember to always keep your feet on their ground and reflect before you jump into action or reaction

Taurus – The Earth Maiden
The earth maidens are here to be grounded and experience all the sense pleasures of life and all it has to offer. You can use these experiences in your self healing and healing of others. You are here to firstly experience BEING NURTURED and later in life, to nurture others. Some of you may progress into the earth mother archetype also. Remember that you must always put yourself and needs first but try to open up perhaps to more adventure and experiences. These are also the flavours of life!

Gemini – The Curious Communicator Maiden
Geminis, you are here to experience lightness and fun a little bit more. You can use any depth you have within to share that wisdom in an easy and light hearted way with the world. Think about a podcast that takes abstract knowledge and makes it into some sort of sensical form for people who perhaps cannot think in an abstract way. You have a gift of talking but the real gift you can earn in this life is listening, experiencing and sharing in a way that’s open and yet direct & simple.

Cancer – The Nurturer Queen

Cancerians, you can be so powerfully nuruturing and are probably fed up of being labelled as the mother of the zodiac. In essence, the mother archetype can also have a shadow side, which cancer must embrace and integrate. Use your ability to completely retreat inwards to open up again with heart led love and living more from the place of receptivity and compassion. This only empowers you to become more nurturing.

Leo – The Leader Goddess
Instead of wondering what the world thinks of you, instead wonder how you can use your natural wonderful gifts to lead with love. The leo archetype want to experience total self approval and love, and you won’t find it in others. You leo queens can absolutely step into unabashed self love, but it must start from within you through integrating all those inner wounds. You can then use this to lead others through example and let them know it’s okay to love yourself too!

Virgo – The Earth Preistess

Virgo people! You are here to serve as a preistess to other women. To create structure and form out of those higher concepts that make sense in the actual world. Knowledge without application is a burden, but virgo priestesses can structure and guide that energy to create actual change in the world. I feel you virgos as humble yet understated powerhouses of the zodiac. Keep encouraging other’s to be kind and nurturing to teir whole being, and be as gentle and nurturing with yourself. Avoid critiscising yourself and others and choose a loving approach.

Libra – The Queen of Relationship
The libra superpower is understanding and realising yourself through relationship. This is why you can become dependent on them. Librans, remember that relationships are tools for self realisation as well as a time to serve others. It is crucial that librans understand they can also have themselves as well as others. It’s a case of working on communication and humility.

Scorpio – The High Preistess

Scorpios, you are deep as the ocean. Nobody but scorpios really understands it. You (and me!) are here to experience absolute depth and intensity that connects us to experiencing all the spectrum of emotions that life has to offer. It is critical that scorpios find a deep, spiritual practice that connects them inwards and to the deeper meaning of life because if they do not find this, it will find them through difficult and challenging life cirucmstances. You cannot escape your soul’s need to integrate the shadow, instead, embrace it.

Saggitarius – The Truth Seeking Queen

You are on a sage like path to seek the truth through experiences, exploring, adventure and learning all about higher wisdom. Your challenge is to be open to all possible truths and not get set on one. This makes you a true truth seeker and sage, because you are open and teachable when you let go of all the dogma or beliefs you may be holding onto. You then give other’s the permission to let down their guard too.

Capricorn – The Earth Queen

You are here to help structure and lead the earth into a new way of living and doing business. You are here to help others find a new, nurturing way of living compared to the outdated structures we are now letting go of. You have a responsibility to shepherd the earth into a new way of working. Remember not to doubt yourself as a leader, stay grounded and nurture yourself as much as possible.

Aquarius – The Unicorn

You are here to experience the wierd and wonderful and then learn how to fit it into the collective. Remember, we are all here to be different but not for the purpose of being better than anyone or being detached and untouchable to criticism, but instead, to actually contribute something unique and innovative to the collective. Bring your unique ways into a form that helps fellow sisters & you will see such benefits.

Pisces – The Soul Searcher

Pisces you are here to search for ultimate oneness. You may seek this in all sorts of ways, relationships, sex, drugs, yoga, mantra, meditation. Some of these will help you, some will give you a sense of temporary fulfillment, but ultimately, a spiritual path is essential for you pisces queens. So embrace a spiritual practice or even something that grounds you in the physical, such as psychotherapy, so you don’t become aloof and separate from the world and feel lost and alone. Learning how to really connect in the physical can really benefit you, as this life, I’m afraid you are in human form!

Let me know how this resonates below! If you feel like you want a deeper, exact and comprehensive look at your astrology, then you can book in with me. We look at your unique soul’s blueprint and I can give you some answers and practical steps about what phase you are in now, and how to move forward with ease and grace. You deserve to feel awesome, so invest in astrology and you can really stop wondering, once and for all. I’m ready when you are.


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