Winter Self Care – Relax & Bliss Out with Aromayoga & Sound Healing this Sunday in Moseley

As the nights get cooler, the darkness draws in, I know I don’t feel like heading out to yoga. However, It’s just so important that in Winter that self care takes centre stage.

We are moving into Kapha season (heavy, cold, dense, slow, stagnant, oily) and it’s so key that we avoid the stagnation in the body that this can bring, especially in kidney and bladder organs. Without taking correct measures to balance the body, you may experience anxiety, fear, worry, bladder infections, kidney infections and so much more unpleasant stagnation in the physical, mental and emotional body.

What is more, our immune systems are working harder than ever, our minds are frazzled with getting to year end, work and finances and hell we can even feel depressed without knowing why.

So step up your self care with me this Sunday and join me for a multi sensory class where you will get gorgeous relaxing scents of the best essential oils, messages, yin postures, sound bath and candlelight.

What more can you ask for? I would be so happy if you join us!!!

Do not miss this wonderful class. Suitable for all levels.
Bring super warm clothing, blankets, eye pillows if possible and warm socks and even pillows for the best experience.

Winter Warmer Aromayoga & Sound bath
 25th November @ 6.15PM – 7.45PM 
Ticket £12

Limited spaces


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