Why Bother Using Essential Oils?

So if you’re anything like me, an eternal skeptic who needs concrete science to understand how and why something works, the idea of using essential oils to preserve and maintain health seems barbaric and weird. In fact, it took me around 4 months of researching, using and trying many oils to discover why and how they would benefit me.

Oils, to me, were like a pair of shoes I kind of liked. What I mean is, I didn’t think I needed them, I liked the idea of them, Tried them on a few times and eventually bought some. Like my fave pair of shoes, oils were something I did not think I needed, until I had them, and now I could not live without them.

Basically, there are a few things to know before you try oils. I wasted so much money on oils from brands that said they were 100% essential oils, only to discover the legislations on oils actually allow oil brands to say they are 100% but the minimum oil in there only needs to be 4% of actual essential oil. The remaining ingredients do not need to be a) declared or b) real. So basically, you can spend £5 to £15 in mainstream shops on a 10ml glass bottle of god-knows-what. And it gets even better, the bottle that says it is lavender, can actually be synthetic and toxic so instead of getting what you think are benefits of calm and relaxation from lavender, you get toxins attacking the nervous system creating further aggregation of the sympathetic nervous system. Um…. NO THANKS! My number one advice, do your research. Not all oils are created equally, ethically or are even real, they just smell a bit like something. Ouch.

Secondly, oils address root causes as well as symptoms. So whereas in our medical system, we are hellbent on addressing symptoms with pharmaceuticals. Although this provides relief temporarily, it doesn’t actually address the root issues of our health problems, and sometimes can even create more issues so you end up needing pills for your pills. It’s Crackers!!!! Most pharmaceuticals are water soluble and cannot affect the cellular structure and therefore repair on a cellular level. Oils on the other hand, can penetrate the cell membrane and interact with cells in a way that is positive. Well why does western medicine not use oils then? You ask.. well, science is a little bit behind on the research into oils, and also, it’s worth checking out “The Truth About Cancer” documentary Episode 1 to understand why it is western medicine moved away from ‘quackery’ and into pharma.

What I never realised is that there is an oil for everything. I mean, everything. Just research and you will find that for any ailment, you’ll surely find an oil which directly heals the ailment. Oils are super helpful in bringing the body into balance. When the body, mind and spirit are in balance then health follows. When there is imbalance in the body, then dis ease occurs (disease). Like herbs in Ayurveda or nutrition in Naturopathy, oils bring the self into place of balance so that no diseases or symptoms can manifest.  Our society is toxic and we have to try super hard to keep well and in balance more than the generations before, so there really is no better time to get on the oily bandwagon.

You can find countless third party studies into essential oils. There is a GREAT book by Eric Z (https://drericz.com) who literally gives you everything you need to know about oils. For me personally, I used his protocol just this week as I had the ear infection from hell and it made me feel really rough. 48 hrs later, all ear infection gone, and I’m feeling great.

You can use oils to clean your house, replace your medicine cupboard, replace your skincare, replace your toxic candles and air fresheners, replace toxic perfumes and even to get your kids to sleep better. There is literally nothing you cannot use oils for.. well unless it’s trashing your health!

Always do your research before you buy, use and share oils. Like anything else when it is mass produced, we do not see the process of manufacture or all the testing, so be vigilant.

Want to know all about oils and why you should be using them yourself and for the health of your whole family? 

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