5 Quick Ayurvedic Recipes That Rock This Autumn

These are my personal fave recipes for keeping well, eating clean but feeling a bit naughty this Autumn. If you have not all ready got Sahara Rose’s Cookbook Eat Feel Fresh, then WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Ladies and gents, this book is LIT if you have ever had digestive issues, health issues or generally wanted clean, ayurvedic food that makes you feel amazing.

So here are my faves that satisfy those sweet, nourishing cravings that come in Autumn without expanding your waistline.

  1. Sweet Potato Pesto Pizza
    IMG_20181021_132016_503.jpgThis has a sweet potato and oat crust and for anyone with digestive issues, you CAN EAT PIZZA. Sorry, folks, the recipe for this is in the book Eat Feel Fresh. It’s an absolute must buy >>> Sahara Rose’s Eat Feel Fresh
  2. Autumn Almond Date Smoothie
    This is a fab recipe for those cold, dry days & especially good for Vatas. Kaphas, be cautious with the almond milk, feel free to swap for something lighter like a hemp milk or even half milk half water, which is what I sometimes do.
    Ingredients :  300ml Almond milk (roughly)
    1 cm Ginger
    Pinch of Cinnamon
    1 or 1/2 Date
    Optional : Vanilla
    Put in blender cup & blend. Serve room temperature for pitta or warm for kapha/vata
  3. Tinkle With Your Toast20181021_103840.jpg

    If you tolerate gluten well, try sourdough which is REAL sourdough. Not the rubbish from tesco hehe. Or if you’re not great with grains, try roasting thin sheets of sweet potato to create little toast slices. Top with almond butter & stewed apple with cinnamon for vata. Pittas can try some coconut cream with slices of strawberry or avocado and cilantro. Kaphas try some roasted kale & tomatoes with some chilli and plenty of black pepper.

  4. Pimp Yo Porridge
    Try making porridge fun again with trying these adaptations. Try Cauliflower Oatmeal for Pittas/Kaphas. Try this recipe from Christina Rice Wellness.
    It’s SO GOOD. Vatas, you can go ahead and try this Pumpkin Spiced Sweet Potato Oatmeal  here.
  5. Warming Golden Mylk Latte
    golden mylh

    Warming, Soothing, Healthy, Vegan ?
    Yes please! My fave Recipe hereDo you have any fave recipes?
    Share with me and comment below!!!!!



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