YogaDates makes it onto the Radio & in the Press!

29695070_10160252695910494_4248942269233993930_nI am so totally overwhelmed with the positive response to my latest brainchild YogaDates. I first thought of this with my amazing friend, Susan, at Natural Bar & Kitchen (formerly Natural Healthy Foods). Both of us felt that more fun needed to be had in the city.

For me, dating had become a clinical game all about forced small talk & quite frankly like sifting through sand to find someone with any common ground. In my mind, I knew that the dating game was missing something. Salsa nights had always been great because you’re both learning a skill, you’re receptive and the focus isn’t on “What shall I say?” “Shall I bail?” “I wish I was at home RN with my Cat”.

I wanted to create something that took us away from the norm and let us relax in a positive and supportive atmosphere which allowed fun to be at the forefront so that real authentic connection could flow. I did not want to charge sky high prices or make it too difficult, so yoga dates felt right. Hell, Susan and I even throw in free wine.

This event is for singles who are looking to have fun and relax & maybe meet someone special. Who knows?

The positive news is that this week YogaDates has featured on, the London Metro & is going to be feature on Lets Talk Radio this Thursday 5th April at 10.30AM alongside dating guru & relationship expert Samantha Lee.

Tune in and listen! I am so excited to talk about my baby!

Read the article in the Metro Here

Check us out on GoSweat here

Tune in to Let’s Talk Radio here



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