Top Tips for Daily Happiness & Bliss

  1. Greeting your body like never before – When you wake up take a moment to lie and experience your body as if through the mind of a child, as if you are discovering the body for the first ever time. Notice the fingers, the toes, the breath etc. Really notice the complete wonder of your body and give it the most humble gratitude for functioning every day with one sole purpose – to serve you!
  2. Eat. Good. Food – Your body is amazing and working simply to serve you. Do not feed it cardboard junk 24/7 feed it good whole food. You don’t have to be vegan or paleo – just give the body real whole nourishing food so that you are working in collaboration with it to function at it’s highest potential on all levels.
  3. Transformational Journal – Write things down that you are not so happy about that may have happened in the day. Then write the potential positive effect this may have had. Now write why you are grateful about this positive effect.
  4. Have Boundaries – When we struggle from being a people pleaser it is all too easy to run ourselves into the ground. Make sure you draw a line, when you want to say no, say no. Having boundaries is healthy and perfectly fine to do so. Having compassion also means towards yourself, first and foremost. Having boundaries is unconditional love for the self. If you are giving to others when it’s actually disrespectful to the self, then this is not unconditional love or compassion. In fact you may grow to resent them when they keep violating your boundaries, when in actual fact you allowed them to in the first place.
  5. Stop and Notice – Stop what you are doing. Close your eyes. Listen, feel, embrace all sensations of the breath. Epic!
  6. Connect & be intimate with a loved one – Call someone you care about, simply to ask how they are and let them know you are thinking of them. Human connection is so fulfilling and when reciprocated lifts us up. Hug/Kiss loved ones, spend time getting to connect when you come together in the morning and evening. Try questions about their day such as “How did that [meeting/client make you feel?”, “How would you like to spend this evening?”. Leave your day behind you & greet them with fresh eyes and a loving heart.
  7. Get into nature – I must get into nature everyday. When we reconnect with the roots of our being and with the natural world around us it has a relaxing effect, benefits health, soothes the heart chakra & reminds us who we are and how little we need.
  8. Turn off your phone – Take time to turn off the phone and connect with the actual humans around you!
  9. Live alone? Sit & Enjoy the company of your own self – If you go around all day and focus your energy outside of the body, you are negating your own deeper needs on a soul level. Take 5 minutes to settle in a place where you will not be disturbed and then you can close the eyes and allow the soul to speak what it needs to. You may be surprised with the insights that follow.
  10. Mantra – Never tried the power of mantra? Learning a simple mantra which you can recite for 5-10 minutes a day can have a really uplifting & powerful impact. Don’t know any? Join a Kirtan session and realise how you can integrate simple mantra into your daily life. Check out our next one here.
  11. Know what you can & cannot control – Each day we are reborn with a new chance to start again and progress. If you focus on all the things you have not yet done and need to get done, your head might explode. Set manageable goals each day. Do your best, you cannot do any more! Don’t be lazy but don’t drive yourself into oblivion. Be kind to yourself and prioritise what is important

Just a few quick tips. There are lots more – let me know what you like to do to lift yourself in the comment section! I love baths, cuddles and a good candlelit room with an audio book at the end of my day.

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