Why balancing your masculine and feminine energy is important. 

Whilst I do not believe that gender is binary nor do I think of masculine traits belonging to the male and feminine traits to the female; it does not dismiss the face that many ancient traditions talk about masculine/feminine energies. I do feel that defining energy as masculine or feminine is problematic and so as a rule I tend to define these energies as yin (feminine) and yang(masculine). For the purposes of this post, however, let’s go with masculine and feminine as this feels more universal and accessible than yin and yang would. 

When thinking about one’s own energetic body, despite one’s sex or gender, it is essential to have a balance of masculine and feminine energy within the body in order to feel a sense of whole and balance. When this is out of balance it can affect the other energetic centres in the body further up the central energy channel and thus results in varying symptoms and behaviours such as seeking affection from others, the need of approval, low self esteem, addictive behaviours, anger, depression etc. 

Let’s start at the bottom of the central energy channel where your 1st Chakra or Root Chakra is. This is inherently seen as the masculine energetic point relating to force, dominance, outwards, action driven, pragmatism amongst other things. It is also related to finance, security, trust and all basic needs of survival. Thus is one is all ready lacking in these aspects, the foundation of the energetic pyramid is all ready ungrounded, so to speak. 

What happens in this case is that in order to compesate for the lack in the Root Chakra the energy is either stolen from one’s own Sacral ‘feminine’ Chakra, and/or once this is depleted too much, the energy is stolen from other people. I say stolen in the kindest of terms, as this is an innate response on a subconscious level to balance the energetic body. 

So if these two Chakra points are unbalanced, this might symptomatically look like like in depleted feminine power, menstrual problems, inability to conceive and in both sexes the need to be in a relationship, hormonal problems, the over-compulsion to have sexual intercourse with lots of people, decreased creativity, no sense of true purpose or general ungroundedness. 

When we feel the need to look to other people it’s more than likely a subconscious response to fill an energy void. When initially a new relationship or person can lend us the energy we crave, after a time without self work on our energetic bodies we will end up in the same position. The body will begin overcompensate for the lack of Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra and we might start to find fault in our partners and close relations because they aren’t fulfilling the energetic needs and then relationship problems begin thus further depleting the Root and Sacral chakras. 

Can you say vicious circle? 

The key is self work. A great tantra practise such as yoga Nidra, Root Chakra meditation or Sacral Chakra meditation can do work. Equally, reiki, yoga and crystal therapies can work wonders. 

Imagine if you had completely balanced energetic body and you had love, tenderness and affection within. You would not need anybody to fill this void; and thus the expectations you would have from your relationships would dissolve and you could just accept your partner and indeed help them to address their own imbalances. Once both your energies are completely balanced then you can work on an equal energy exchange in tantric practices; physical or non physical to create amazing healing energy and feelings of total bliss. 

Be honest with yourself and know if what you seek in others is really what you cannot cultivate from within. 

This is a very brief insight into this massive topic so feel free to speak to me more about this as I am always excited to share and learn.


Your Humble Cassie.

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