Twin Flames: Why they aren’t always a fairytale romance.

Our society is so fuelled on happiness being sought from outside sources. What I mean by this is that many people attempt to create happiness from possessions, experiences or in their relationships.

I am not for one moment saying that relationships or life experiences do not create any sense of happiness; but many people often look to seek true contentment from these sources rather than within what they all ready have. I, for one, am guilty of this from time to time when I get new yoga leggings or buy a new face-mask; however my biggest mistakes in life have been seeking validation and happiness from my romantic relationships.

Instead of giving love to myself, which I never truly did until about 2 years ago, I would project it upon my partner without limits. And so when they ended the relationship, I was in the same place as before I started it; feeling absolutely rubbish and like there was some sort of void or a need to be approved of by someone else. It is clear now that the universe sent me various abusive relationships. They were reflections of my self-worth and challenges to love and value myself. Thus all of these relationships have been gifts to me and have led up to the point where I have realised that the problem was not with the partners, entirely. In fact, the problem was that I was attracting exactly what I believed about myself; unworthiness and not loving myself. So I decided a while back that I had to address my lack of self-worth and self-love or I would never truly be present in a relationship, and always end up with non-fulfilling partnerships.

So, I have been doing some very deep healing work from my childhood, teen years and past male relationships, and I would say I really am understanding and learning how to truly love every inch of myself, discovering my purpose and how I can serve others. If you’re on this journey, you’ll know exactly what I mean; it’s tough and unearths your darkest, most vulnerable parts. However, what is so beautiful about this is that you understand that these deep, ingrained feelings of shame (‘I am not good enough’ or ‘something about me is fundamentally wrong’) fuel all your dysfunctional patterns. So we can slowly address them, and also see how they could affect our feelings towards ourselves, others and relationships.

When it comes to romantic interest; the ego absolutely loves it. Why? It is an instant high that the other person gives us. You know, those endorphins when you kiss them, dance with them, or even be around them… Then after that, the old patterns (in my case) of fear, shame, lack of self-worth and of projecting love to someone else start to niggle at us if we have not addressed them fully. Oh, and we may subconsciously start seeking happiness, validation and affirmation outside sources.

So what happens when we start adding soul mates, karmic relationships and romantic twin flame relationships into the mix?

A twin flame relationship, in my experience, is a bit like a moth to a flame. We are drawn to something so innately that there isn’t really a word or way to explain this energetic, magnetic connection. Without any words needed, you see right through that person and they see right through you. In fact, if you are intuitive, you are totally in tune with their energetic state without being anywhere near them.

You just know.

It’s insane.

But as we get drawn in closer; it can become too much, too intense or something unendurable that you can’t quite put your finger on.

This type of connection is beautiful but so paradoxical because our twin flame is a mirror of ourselves. That is, they reflect us and thus will stir up emotions and patterns in us that perhaps we haven’t dealt with and have hidden even from ourselves. So just when we think we are making massive progress, WHOOOOSH, all those things we need to heal come right out in the open. Because our twin flame is in the same energetic alignment this relationship can be intense and difficult, hence why it rarely stays for long.

However, If we can go away and work on ourselves – I mean really work on ourselves, this is the most powerful relationship in the universe.

But the nature of the universe if that everything is always changing, so naturally, if you work on yourself it is likely the same will be happening with your twin flame.

It is very likely that a twin flame relationship will keep coming back to test you by acting as an energetic mirror in order to encourage you to be the best version of yourself and thus reveal your true purpose in this live and to serve others to your best ability.

I guess this is why a Twin Flame relationship is so crazy and intense; bringing all your dysfunctional patterns to light and probably won’t stay around for long. Because you both see in each other what you might not want to and hence it becomes unbearable and easy to just walk away. This is a gift to be embraced and acted upon.

Needless to say, that if this relationship comes about and you are both in very good alignment and free from dysfunctional patterns; a twin flame relationship can light up any room and be a force to be reckoned with in the world. I have seen this for myself, when two people are so energetically connected it is something that is indescribable but extremely powerful. If your energetic connection to someone is strong and feels purposeful, do not deny it. Feed it with the correct kind of loving and nurturing and it will come into fruition in the most wonderful manner.

It is my belief that with or without a twin flame relationship you can be a powerful force of light on our planet. The universe places many people and situations in your path to encourage this growth process; but the twin flame is so powerful you cannot ignore it when really makes you see your stuff in someone else. Contrary to belief, a twin flame does not always complete you; but they challenge you and if you allow the gifts of this connection to be unwrapped, this connection and its lessons will nourish you. Then you can blossom into a beautiful, lotus flower with or without this soul alongside you.

Just some thoughts and reflections from a humble gal. Your comments and thoughts on this matter are most welcome 🙂

Namaste xxxx

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